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Success 21 Hair Extension

Kelowna, Thompson-Okanagan

Success21 Hair Extensions Studio is extremely passionate about empowering every client with dedication to excellence. award-winning Extensionist enjoys serving clients from various industries. Whether you are: a corporate individual, aspiring & successful entrepreneur, involved in fashion modeling, celebrity photo shoots, apart of a wedding bridal party, student or just a creative being. We are here to bring your ideas to life. Our international guest keeps coming back for our excellent customer service, refreshing atmosphere, remarkable products, and uplifting conversations. Whether you are seeking that perfect look or aspiring into a new career @Success21 Hair Extensions will take you there.

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Best Solopreneur

What motivated you to start your business? What challenges did you overcome as a Solopreneur?

I am the founder of the award-winning Success21 Hair Extensions Studio, created to empower and inspire the human spirit with a wealth of confidence and boldness. I was born in Jamaica where I was surrounded by the art of hairstyling. Instantly, I grew a passion for learning hairstyling and hair extensions. The dream of starting this company has always been apart of me. In 2016 I became a mom and needed a financial miracle while nurturing a baby became more evident. I had few part-time clients who later became my personal Sales Managers, the excellence in the service I provided for them would not go unnoticed. Not before long, the handful of clients I was serving would make great recommendations to others and the process would repeat itself. I researched all the business requirements and protocols for success. Some days were a huge celebration, while others were lonely and tough. Nonetheless, I had an inner drive and a huge responsibility merged with a mindset to succeed. I knew if I could see success in every aspect of the business then it would become what I saw. With some self reprogramming, big dreams to conquer and positively impact lives, Success21 Hair Extensions was born. The number 21 to me means 3X7=21. This is 3 (Power) X 7 (Perfection). Therefore, I have built my subconscious mind to be powerful, holding myself accountable and refusing any self-limiting beliefs. Perfection, in the sense of giving every client 110% of undivided attention. In this space I allow them to speak, express their hearts and mind to accomplish the goal of having them feel empowered. We serve a wide variety of women and men who have a strong need to be heard and Success21 truly cares and loves each of our beautiful and handsome clients. My culture is to simply allow the spirit of joy to flow through me to my clients. I enjoy giving back to the community and here are some of the ways I do that. Knowing that community is paramount to the human spirit and as we give back, there is real fulfillment. Giving Back to the Community Our culture of love is demonstrated by us giving back whenever we can. Periodically, we collaborate with local and international talents to share the love of pampering a well-deserved individual or organization. Mommy maker overs, Keynote speaker at Mamas for Mamas, Sponsor of the annual Sala Community Gala, Volunteer for the women at Karis Society, Volunteer at Living Faith Miracle Center and The Mental Health Association.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Solopreneur award?

I deserve to win best Solopreneur because I was given the choice of going back to work and incur more debt trying to figure life out or make the great sacrifice to believe in my abilities to create something from nothing. I told myself if this idea became successful and provides well for my family then I will empower others who feel like there is no hope and lost as to how to build generational wealth and legacy for their family and community. Winning the prestigious award will increase my business profile and confidently take it from a home-based business to a business where I can employ and train a team from the community to increase our economy and give back in so many ways. Doing everything myself has its perks but can create a wave of uncertainty at times, this award will solidify my efforts and give me the credentials I need to launch a successful Hair Business Course locally and internationally. My mom who is one of my moral supporters would also be impacted hugely, she has believed in my abilities funded my career to become an accountant. When I expressed that I wanted to pursue the Hair Industry she was quite shocked but very supportive. I have been able to help my siblings through school with this business which tremendously blessed my mom. My clients have been a great support and this award would bless them as much as it blesses me. Some have seen me struggle in figuring it all out and gently remind me of how strong and capable I am whenever I get to a roadblock. This award will give them equal joy and celebration to encourage others who want to follow their passion. My students would be impacted in a great form as well. Yes, small home businesses can be seen when great sacrifices and determination are exercised and maintained. I always say, success isn't easy but it is learnable and when practiced becomes possible. Thank you for your consideration in this new category.

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