100 Mile House, Cariboo

South Point Resort

100 Mile House, Cariboo

South Point Resort is a year-round recreation destination located on Canim Lake, British Columbia. Offering 8 condos, 2 cabins, and 20 RV sites this property offers year-round accommodation and events. It's your home base for Cariboo adventure. Lots of water rentals on-site including pontoon boat, fishing boats, paddle boards, kayaks and more. In the summer the focus is family-friendly camping and during the shoulder seasons, customers come to South Point Resort to enjoy weekend events like Halloween, New Years and Family Day - as well as enjoy ice-fishing, snowmobiling, skating and other Cariboo winter activities.

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In Business Since 2019

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Best Community Impact

What motivated you to start your business and what core cause do you support?

In 2018, we quit our jobs, sold our house and moved from the Lower Mainland to Canim Lake to start our dream at South Point Resort. We wanted to escape the city and pursue a life of outdoor adventure and run our own business in a place we loved. I had a background in marketing and communications and my husband was a builder. We thought with our combined skills we could make the property into something really special. So we took over the "Ponderosa Resort" and developed a new brand, name and vibe for the property. When we took over we went to work on upgrading the infrastructure, rebranding and launching a new website with online booking, adding vessels to the water rental fleet, painting, landscaping, new furniture, etc. This was no small undertaking and the 10 year plan for the property is very exciting. We also changed the business model, switching the property up from a seasonal business to a year-round destination promoting community events, weddings, reunions, seasonal weekend retreats and various winter activities like ice-fishing, ice skating and snowmobiling. The success of this in year 1 was amazing and then our second year in business Covid-19 definitely impacted our ability to create that gathering space for the community we so wished to do. But we have adapted, and continue to grow our dream at Canim Lake.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Community Impact award?

We moved to this property to make a difference. Both in our own lives, the residents in the area and our guests. We want South Point Resort to be a true hub in the area for people to come to for so many experiences. Weddings, reunions, camping, holidays, seasonal events - and just a place for the locals to hang out with each other. We reached out to the community instantly when we arrived, and have been overwhelmed with the ongoing support from our neighbours on Canim Lake. Whether they attended a locals night, concert, sign-making workshop, bocce night, firework night or just stopped by and said hi - I feel like we have created something special within the community. We are extremely proud of the work we are doing and are excited to keep going. The goal is to work on new spaces and infrastructure to facilitate more of these type of events (after Covid). We will also continue to support our local businesses by selling their products in our store. We have developed some amazing relationships with local entrepreneurs and look to expand on those as we grow. We will also continue to be community ambassadors by volunteering our time on local tourism boards and recreation associations. And also promoting other local recreation activities (ski hills, trails, ranches, clubs) to our guests - helping support the other local operators in the region. Thank you for your consideration for this award. - South Point Resort

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