Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

Sisters Sage

Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

Sisters Sage is an Indigenous Wellness brand using traditional knowledge to create modern self care products such as soaps, salves, smokeless smudge sprays, and bath bombs. Our goal is to promote and inspire other Indigenous women to define their own financial futures through business. Our products are a vehicle to sharing Indigenous ways, culture, and social issues.

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In Business Since 2018

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Best Community Impact

What motivated you to start your business and what core cause do you support?

Sisters Sage is an Indigenous wellness brand creating modern self care and wellness products using traditional and cultural knowledge. I hand make soaps, smudge sprays, bath bombs, and salves in small batches, each product telling a story and sharing Indigenous culture. My products are culturally appropriate, and help to bring about awareness of Indigenous issues. I started Sisters Sage with my sister in September 2018, as a way to create a safe work environment that would promote our growth culturally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. I had worked in construction for the previous 5 years, where I experienced sexual harassment, racism, and mental health turmoil. I was in crisis. Sisters Sage gave me the opportunity to better myself and find my own independence and financial sovereignty. I enrolled myself into a community entrepreneur program that gave me the basis for starting a business. At the end of the course I gave my very first pitch, which i was awarded $200! This was the beginning of Sisters Sage! Since then my business has grown organically! My mission is to motivate other Indigenous women to define their own financial futures through business! Our goal is Economic Reconciliation. Our ancestors were the orignial entrepreneurs of Turtle Island; it is time to take back our sovereignty.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Community Impact award?

I would love to be recognized as a Community leader. From my youth, my mother always made sure I was involved in the community, giving back, volunteering. I even held the Indian Homemakers of BC Youth representative title at 14 years old! As an Indigenous women, I have community in my soul. Our culture is based on community and take care of those in need. I make sure I use my voice to protest, rally, and support. I always bring my drum and my Smokeless Smudge Spray! Sisters Sage doesn't measure success in a capitalist colonial mindset. My success is based on the community service and leadership I can provide. My Sage Fam is receptive to my authenticity and integrity. Just like me, they crave a leader who exhibits resiliency through the act of giving. I would love a vote for Sisters Sage! Sage Against The Machine!

Premier's People's Choice

2020 was a difficult year for so many businesses including Sisters Sage! My main channels of distribution were person to person sales. I went to every market, conference, Pow Wow, and celebration possible. As soon as the global pandemic was declared, every event was cancelled. I was so worried, as Sisters Sage was my only source of income. I remembered my strength and resiliency and reached out to my community and networks. I was supported with a massive move to online sales. I put in work day and night to figure out the sudden shift. I learned of the importance of social media and engaging with my Sage Fam! I learned about promotions and marketing. I learned that there is more to business than providing awesome products that people love! Its about being my authentic self and supporting my community. I love to share about other Indigenous businesses (including soap makers!), and us my platform to bring awareness to important Womxn and Indigenous issues. This past year I have been featured in 5 news papers, many websites, and tons of social media accounts! I grew my following to near 17,000! I was voted Top 30 Inspiring Women of BC 2020. Winner of Level Up My Brand Contest 2020. Winner of National Pow Wow Pitch 2020. Semi-Finalist for SheEO 20/21. I have been invited to speak on many panels with other amazing Womxn and entrepreneurs including giving several guest lectures to new students at the University of British Columbia. I have put my all into Sisters Sage this past year and being nominated for a Premier People's Choice award is thrilling! I really feel that my efforts and what I have to offer is appreciated, necessary, and well received! Please vote for Sisters Sage and help me to continue to Sage Against the Machine!

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