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Simplified Risk Management Inc.

Coquitlam, Mainland/Southwest

Businesses operate in an uncontrolled setting, where unexpected events happen. Some are opportunities, others are threats. "What ifs" flood the brain when trying to make sense of the unexpected. Lawyers, bankers, insurers, and accountants create some of these. So do many other external events. We help businesses conquer the daily “what ifs”. So leaders, employees, and outsiders go from "what if" to "here’s how.” - Has your company grown so big that risk management can no longer be ignored? - Want to feel confident you’re working on what’s important -vs- what others say is important? - Want to affect risk before it affects you? Simplified Risk Management helps businesses take control of the unexpected. --- Most business leaders are not prepared for unexpected events that affect the company. We help them identify, rank, track, and resolve risk areas. So they will thrive as the inevitable occurs.

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Best Innovation

What motivated you to start your business, what challenges did you overcome?

Being in business means taking risks, managing uncertainty. Globally, the importance of deliberately managing risk has increased, and the pitfalls of failing to do so have also increased. We saw that the global programs were simply not designed for small and medium sized businesses. We created Simplified Risk Management with the purpose to change this.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Innovation award?

COVID 19 has shown us that the unexpected can happen. It has also shown us how difficult it was and is for business leaders to plan for the unexpected. Its human to choose to think about what we know. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only program of our kind in the world - a risk management program tailored for small and medium sized businesses.

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