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Ruby Business Solutions

Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

Our aim at Ruby Business Solutions is to empower business owners around their finances. We do this by putting easy to follow systems into place and by teaching the owner to understand their financials. We are passionate about the environment, so we are a paperless company that uses cloud-based programs and apps to serve you. This also allows our clients to get more timely financials and means that we are able to service clients all across Canada.

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In Business Since 2019

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Best Immigrant Entrepreneur

Please tell us your personal story and about your business. How you started, and how you have overcome challenges.

I moved to Canada from Australia in 2012 and started working in an administration role at a company. After a few months, their bookkeeper left and they asked me to take over even though I had no experience in that area. I never would have guessed how much I would end up loving bookkeeping, it just seemed to fit with my love for organization and numbers perfectly. After 6 years of bookkeeping experience with a few different companies, I decided to start taking on some clients outside of my full-time bookkeeping role. I was already passionate about bookkeeping, but when I started working with other business owners and helping them to simplify, organize and streamline their books it lit a fire inside me. I loved being able to explain their financials to them in a way they could understand so that they can make great business decisions. Ruby Business Solutions was born in February of 2019 and I have been working with small & medium businesses since then. I think one of the biggest challenges that I have had to overcome would be all the COVID-19 government subsidies I had to keep on top of to help out all of our clients. I really wanted to be a great source of information and a sounding board for our clients, so I would send out emails with updates on subsides and also assist our clients to apply for these at no cost.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur award?

I deserve to win the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur award because I have created a business that I am truly passionate about and it also helps many other Canadian businesses to succeed as they can have proper financial information to work with and truly understand what it means.

Best Youth Entrepreneur

What motivated you to start your business and what is your vision for the future of your company?

I have always wanted to own a business and when I started bookkeeping I really found something I was truly passionate about. To be able to use my passion to help other business owners work on theirs is very satisfying My goal is to help them understand their financials so that they can make good business decisions. I do this by simplifying, organizing, and streamlining their books. Ruby Business Solutions is a virtual business and we really embrace apps and cloud-based software in our firm as we know it is the way of the future. This also allows us to be paperless (because we love the environment) and service clients all across Canada. My vision for the future is to add more passionate bookkeepers to our team and help out as many Canadian businesses as we can.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Youth Entrepreneur award?

I deserve to win the Best Youth Entrepreneur award because I am passionate about my business and helping other Canadian businesses to succeed.

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