Burnaby, Mainland/Southwest

Punk rock Pastries

Burnaby, Mainland/Southwest

Punk rock pastries is a weird and wonderful bakery/cake shop bringing cakes to life through sculpture.

3 Employees

In Business Since 2019

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Best Immigrant Entrepreneur

Please tell us your personal story and about your business. How you started, and how you have overcome challenges.

Punk rock pastries started with a dream of making cakes like no one has ever seen before. In 2012 Hollie moved from Australia to Canada to pursue her career of being a pastry chef and in 2018 she decided to make her dreams a reality. With using her savings and any penny she could scrape up she found the perfect shop to open Punk rock pastries but her dream slowly became a nightmare when realizing this perfect space was too good to be true. The shop front revealed more problems than one can count from electrical to plumping the costs sky rocketed and turned into a sinking money pit. Hollie was determined to make this dream work. She decided to have a fundraiser/Bake sale in hopes of raising some of the money but funds still fell short when the biggest problem of all happened an an electrical upgrade was what was standing in her way. This was a turning point for Hollie, a mum to a 2 year old and working full time she realized she would need more help than she thought. Fundraiser number two she would make it bigger and better and even got donations from the local community to help with putting on a concert. The local community where thrilled to have something new coming to the area and with their help and bringing on another Aussie business partner punk rock pastries was ready to open. Every challenge we had to over come was fought with a fighting spirt and a dream to bring smiles to those who love tasty treats. Punk rock pastries was 10 months old when the pandemic hit and to this day we are still fighting.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur award?

Why do we deserve to win? Thats a hard question to answer. But honestly we brought Hollies dream of being able to provide amazingly sculpted cakes and pastries to life even during the hard times so I guess you can say we have already won in our hearts because punk rock pastries is a family and we really here to stay.

Best Innovation

What motivated you to start your business, what challenges did you overcome?

Growing up with art and cakes in my fathers bakery always peaked my interests in being different. I watched my family loose their business when I was just 7 and those impacts have stayed with me for life. I have always wanted to make people smile and the best way I could do that was with cake. Opening punk rock pastries was one of the hardest things I could have done. 2 fundraisers later a dream became a reality and then could hit and it made it all that more harder. We over came the struggles of opening to winning a food network competition to just to be hit with the pandemic 10 months later. We are lucky because we have an amazing community that has supported us through these tough times and we are so grateful for that.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Innovation award?

Punk rock pastries was always a dream that is now a reality. I have been able to make so many people smile with edible art. My heart is so full with being able to achieve my goals that I feel like I have already won. I mean what could be more fulfilling than making people smile everyday. -Hollie

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