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Pard Business Management & Con LTD

Port Coquitlam, Mainland/Southwest

Our company is at it again! In 2020, we have less offline contacts and less revenue than in 2019 due to COVID, our fourth year as a company in BC and my fourth year as an immigrant to Canada. But our influence has increased a lot, we provide internet business consulting help and information matching to many companies, and run a business information website (fengtou.ca) on a pro bono basis, the purpose of this website is to connect entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs together in a communication platform (mainly for immigrants from China) At the same time, we are actively developing our online business and have already launched timobuy.com, a shopping site focusing on office supplies, and expect to launch a large comprehensive shopping site in 2021. 2021, let's go together!

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With nearly 20 years of experience in Internet product technology development, we have unique insights into e-commerce transformation for small and medium-sized enterprises. Down-to-earth technology and sincere service are the magic weapons for us to compete in the market.

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