Sechelt, Vancouver Island/Coast


Sechelt, Vancouver Island/Coast

Paintillio creates custom paint-by-number kits + collaborative murals from any photo or image for individuals and groups of people to paint. We bring communities together to celebrate, create + collaborate for any event experience by adding an element of fun + interactive art. We believe that art should be accessible to everyone and our free public projects are just that: we believe in breaking down barriers so that everyone can contribute to the arts in their community.

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In Business Since 2017

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Best Community Impact

What motivated you to start your business and what core cause do you support?

We're Paintillio. Two best friends who took a crazy idea and turned it into a meaningful way for communities to come together to celebrate, create, and collaborate. It started with a gentle jest about Lyssa’s skill as an artist and how you ‘almost couldn’t see the numbers’ in her paintings (*cue eye roll*). As an artist would so thoughtfully do, Lyssa went to work on making the world’s best paint-by-numbers of that person so they could eat (paint) their words. She did it by hand - spending hours getting the outline and detail just right. Thing is - it turned out good. Like, really really good. She did a few more for friends as wedding gifts and what struck her—beyond seeing the stunning finished products—was the the joy, connection and meaningful memories that collaborating on a creative project was generating between guests. Then, the requests started rolling in for her handmade paint-by-numbers in a wave she—and her right hand—could no longer keep up with. So she turned to Scott; a talented software developer who just happened to be the husband of fellow artist/entrepreneur Jess. With Scott's talent for turning ideas into programs (and naming businesses, it turns out), Jess's uncanny ability to spot a business concept in bloom, and Lyssa's creative direction, Paintillio was born. By taking the process digital, we have been able to bring the experience and the joy of coming together to celebrate, create and collaborate to events around the world. #innovate We’ve seen again and again that the beauty of the finished product is only a small portion of each painting’s power. The connection they generate is meaningful. The calming effect the act of painting has on participants is zen-inducing. And the sense of contribution and belonging they foster from every hand that goes into a painting is inspiring to say the least. The core cause that we support is breaking down boundaries to make art accessible to everyone, and every community.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Community Impact award?

We believe in the power of communities celebrating, creating and collaborating. Although 2020 hit us with a global pandemic, we've been able to pivot to keep our community mission going strong with our innovative ideas and hard work. In November 2020, we launched our new Virtual Events product that allows for communities to create together, from apart (including large-scale collaborative murals). Now more than ever, it's important for communities to remain connected for multiple reasons including sharing a common goal, feeling a sense of hope for when we can begin to connect in-person again, and for overall mental health. Since the pandemic started, our team has grown from 3 to 6 people as we continue to come up with new ideas for keeping communities connected during this difficult time. We adapted quickly to a new-new, we've successfully completed two major business courses that have allowed us to implement new and exciting practices within our company, and our vision is to keep people connected and positive despite social distancing. Here’s a shortlist of (pre-pandemic) events we’ve contributed to in the past that have been at zero cost to the community: Vancouver Mural Festival Women Deliver Global Conference Dragonboat BC Vancouver Pride Parade BC Children's Hospital Foundation Miracle Weekend Culture Days UBC Pride Sechelt Arts Festival Sunshine Coast Art Crawl YVR Airport Fly Calm Initiative Kaleidoscope Festival Khatsahlano Festival Vancouver Art Gallery Pride Main Street Car free Day Commercial Drive Car Free Day West End Car Free Day West Vancouver Pumpkin Festival UBC Student Nest Greek Days Rath Festival First Thursdays Art Walk Gryphon Development Opening Trafalgar Elementary x Art Starts Steveston Canada Day Parade Strathcona Street Party We love our community!

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