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Surrey, Mainland/Southwest

At Orange Oranges Technologies we value and strive to uphold 3 key values. Integrity Human touch Being a technologist Our Philosophy We would like to present our self as 1-Stop-Shop for small and mid-size businesses. We cater to Design, Print & Software needs, so the businesses can focus on their core business and we help "Simplify Technology". Mission Simplify Technology - Our mission is simple to make life simpler for our fellow business people, not only just in Canada but across the globe. We have first-hand experienced the challenges of starting a business and getting it up on its feet. So we wanted to be 1-Stop-Shop for the business. We will help conceptualize and design your business visuals, print all the needed print materials to help market your business, and also help with various software required as your business grows. This will allow businesses to focus on their core business and we do the heavy lifting at the backend.

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In Business Since 2016

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Best Immigrant Entrepreneur

Please tell us your personal story and about your business. How you started, and how you have overcome challenges.

We decided to make Canada our home in April 2013, when we got an opportunity to work in New Brunswick. Later we moved to Vancouver in November 2015. We had very humble beginnings with just 4 days of work (our 1st project) in the whole of 2016 under the brand name Orange Oranges Technologies. Also, it was pretty tough to zero down on the name so decided to go with a catchy name "Orange Oranges" as I & my partner were peeling oranges. After trying hard in 2016 &2017 we finally bagged our 2nd (1-month) project in 2017, it was pretty scary to leave my full-time job for just a 1-month project. Though we thought about this, gathered all our energy, & I left my full-time job. We knew "No pain no gain", as we just had our 1st angel turn 1 year old in 2017. So we knew it either we do now or maybe never. Now we had 2 babies one being my little daughter & the other being Orange Oranges Technologies. Lucky after this things turned out well as we thought, our 2nd project got extended and is still continuing as I fill in the details here. Though this wasn't really a small business, this was more like an independent 1-person contract, & I was determined to turn this into a business where we could generate employment for others as well contribute more to the economy. So in 2018, after another project extension, we gathered courage the 2nd time, & my partner Santoshi joined me quitting her full-time job at the City of Burnaby. This gave us more courage and belief in our self. Now it made it possible to think bigger & after a lot of trials & bids, we were able to bag a contract and hire an employee but the happiness did not last long. Our customer was able to convince our employee it is better to join them fulltime & this way we lost both our employee as well as our contract. This was our 1st real lesson in the world of business, nothing is certain. Also having a signed contract we could not compete with the huge organization, so we let it go. We decided it is not worth fighting it out rather we would focus on growing our customer base. This was a turning point & in the year 2018, we decided to build our brand identity, website, social media presence, join the Surrey Board of Trade. We knew without proper systems in place however good we may be, there will always be someone who can outsmart us. So we decided to build relationships, partnerships, and build brand identity by delivering the best we can, working all 7 days a week and all 24 hrs a day.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur award?

At Orange Oranges Technologies we value and strive to achieve: - Integrity - The human touch - Being a technologist We believe that being an immigrant is to value, cherish and contribute to this wonderful country called Canada, which values human lives more than anyone else in this world. Also, Canada values not only human lives even animal lives, and this is seen in day to day affairs in Canadian life. This is beyond words. So the same thing also reflects in our company values "The human touch". We will and want to contribute more and more towards the Canadian economy by means of technology as well as our volunteer efforts. This is reflected in our work and recognitions from the Surrey Board of Trade or Immigrant Employment Council of BC. We deserve the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur award as - We have grit which is one of the most important character of being an entrepreneur. - We offer 1-Stop-Shop for various businesses. We can see and understand problems at a deeper level. - We are not scared of change, we embrace change. - We bring global knowledge from various countries to Canada thereby enhancing the Canadian community. - The most important being we also value and will continue to contribute back to the community. A recognition makes us more humble and encourages us to do more and more towards the business community and the local community as a whole. Women in Business Award from Surrey Board of Trade - Immigrant Employment Council of BC - appreciated toward contributions to the community.

Premier's People's Choice

Premier's People's Choice Award We see tremendous value in all these small businesses contributing back to the Canadian economy not just for now but for future generations to come. We know from the bottom of our heart that we have helped a lot of startup businesses start or grow at a fraction of the cost of the market price and we will continue to do the same. We want to see the community grow. How we contribute back to the Canadian community? - We have been volunteering with the Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IECBC) for many years now ( - We strongly believe children are the future of Canada & contributed to the Breakfast Club of Canada ( - We have & are on a mission to help 1000 small businesses to start or grow by offering our services at the fairest market value than anyone else in the market. Why do we do love Canada and its people? - Canada is such an excellent country it makes its own quickly. - Whether it be the way we say "Sorry" or "We care for Orca's" or We care for freshwater and green spaces. There is no country like Canada in this whole world. - We lived in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & now The Beautiful British Columbia & we have seen the golden heart the citizens of Canada have. - We had an opportunity to live in the USA and Europe yet we were destined to be here in the True North.

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