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Gibsons, Mainland/Southwest

With over 25 years of bookkeeping experience, from non-profits to large corporations, there is no substitute for experience. Bookkeeping processes can be specialized and may vary by business. Therefore, Rinette has reinvented her business to support businesses with the many available 'cloud-based' software options available to businesses today. Being able to bring together ways to maintain essential business operations with reliable apps, simplifies processes and eliminates waste = money savings for the client & rich reporting options. With her experience, she has written a best-selling book called; "The Courageous Entrepreneur" in which she focuses upon areas that affect cash flow for businesses through sharing of real life stories of how simple day to day issues affected a business positively or negatively and strategies to overcome or avoid these issues.

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This is a great question as I really did not even consider that I would or should even be in the running for such a prestigious award, then to my surprise, I was nominated! To be chosen to even be considered to be in the running with so many other wonderful businesses who are all so deserving is an honor. My whole goal with NET Bookkeeping is to support other businesses to be successful. When my clients, are successful, only then can I consider myself successful. What does success look like for me? This can be as simple as implementing systems to allow better reporting, letting them know of potential concerns as they arise which they may not be aware of, or letting them know where or who they should go for more information, being able to advise of options they may not be aware of, or perhaps suggesting using "tried and true" apps to better support where a business struggles, or perhaps just being able to provide detailed financials so they can apply for funding to grow and expand. One of my favorite wins is to be able to provide strategies and tips of where they can save money or areas with the potential to make money! Over the past year, I have focused specifically on providing tips and information to anyone asking, of the many changes and supports available to businesses over this past year. For my clients, that means doing a lot more leg work, learning who is eligible for which supports and often taking the extra steps to doing the extra filing requirements to support businesses through these difficult times. Although 2020 overall has been difficult, it makes my heart sing when a number of my clients, through their hard work and willingness to take calculated risks, have experienced growth beyond their expectations! This is what matters! Small businesses in BC are the driving force of our economy! Only with the willingness and courageousness of our entrepreneurs will we get through the next year and only expand and grow over the next few years. One of my favorite stories I like to share is the story of two people walking through the forest trails. One friend shared a story of how they felt all "twisted up" due to the turmoil in their life. The second person found a stick all twisted up and gnarled-looking, he picked it up and asked his friend to break it. The first person tried but it would not break. The second person said, see how resilient this twisted stick is? That's all of us, entrepreneurs becoming stronger, together

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