Terrace, North Coast + Nechako

Jada Creations

Terrace, North Coast + Nechako

Jada Creations is an indigenous owned and operated business specializing in authentic indigenous wearable art and was the recipient of Eighth Generation's Inspired Natives award 2020.

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In Business Since 2018

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Best Solopreneur

What motivated you to start your business? What challenges did you overcome as a Solopreneur?

My motivation stems from two things: my culture, and my son. I am a single mom and have been for 8 years (he is 9), and am the sole provider and caretaker. I grew up in a small settler town and experienced racism on the daily to the point that I felt shame in who I was as a native girl. It was normalized behavior (and still is to some...) Upon stepping on this path as an artist and jewelry designer has allowed me to live my truth as an indigenous woman! It has given me a voice, the voice of our ancestors, and allowed me to share my story. My mission is to share a piece of my culture through wearable art as a symbol of resiliency. I create so that my son never has to grow up questioning his identity like I once did as a little girl. My son will know his culture that was once stripped from me. Being marginalized my whole life put me at a huge disadvantage but my passion for my culture and desire to create is so much stronger. I've stepped on this path and am never looking back.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Solopreneur award?

I never gave up on a dream. When people kept telling me to “get a real job”, I listened to my heart and once I stepped on this path I never looked back. I’ve been the sole provider for me and my son for 8 years (he is 9) and have juggled many adversaries to get to where I’m at today. While I first started on this venture in 2013, I’ve bounced around working jobs until really finding my footing as an artist and entrepreneur. I dedicated myself to learning the art and business by taking programs and courses and have been a full-time self-employed artist/ business owner since graduating from my full-time program in 2019. As part of my business (pre-covid) I have done a lot of work with our youth in all surrounding communities and have become their role model. We are all role models (good and bad) whether we realize it or not so, I have learned to walk gently in every direction I take. I know all those little eyes are on me and when they look at my art, or murals, or see people wearing my jewelry, I want them to think that they too, can do whatever they put their heart and mind to so long as they are dedicated and determined! I take pride in being a young, indigenous female entrepreneur and I never hesitate to help or share my knowledge from years of trial and error to help my fellow creators succeed. I’ve shown much support to my fellow artists and entrepreneurs by shopping small and local as much as I can because I know just how important a sale can be to a small business owner, that could be our groceries for the week! Lastly, and this is the most important part, I’m keeping a part of my culture alive. I am sharing my culture through wearable art while making jewelry for everyone! Our art tells our stories and histories that are tied to this land. Through my e-commerce store (that I developed and keep updated myself) I am selling my jewelry worldwide, thus sharing my story with them, letting them know that we are still here, alive and thriving. Having non-indigenous customers and clients worldwide helps with the huge fight against cultural appropriation as they become more consciously and socially aware of where their jewelry or art is coming from.

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