Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

Humblebee Meadery

Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

We make alcohol from fermented honey and are Vancouver's only craft meadery! We have re-crafted the original libation and aim to bring it back to the table with flavor profiles developed for a 21st-century palate. Unlike a more traditional mead, we brew all of our products in a style more similar to that of craft cider or beer. Through the infusion of more aromatic flavors, carbonating and an alcoholic volume of 5.5% all of our products are refreshingly different and refreshingly dry.

3 Employees

In Business Since 2015

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Premier's People's Choice

When Humblebee first launched, we were just two friends having fun and weren't entirely sure how far this idea would take us. We would meet up at a coffee shop trying to figure out where to begin and meet at Jeff's house to drink a few test batches. Looking back at it now, I really don't even understand how we managed to make it where we are today. Humblebee has always been about stepping away from the ordinary and creating a unique craft beverage that few have tried before. We wanted to take something ancient and recreate it into something new and exciting. It has been fueled by a passion for creating distinctive flavor profiles, inspired by our cities rich and diverse culture. Humblebee has seen tremendous growth since we started in that basement and we are humbled to be recognized by our community.

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