Osoyoos, Thompson-Okanagan

Heaven on Earth total body care & wellness

Osoyoos, Thompson-Okanagan

Armanda is the proud of owner of Heaven on Earth & Wellness; I look forward to treating and greeting my clients each and every day. It gives me the greatest joy to be able to provide the very best service to each person who enters our spa. We provide everything from Jade Hot Stone Massages, Reiki, pedicures, manicures, facials, skin analysis/treatments, body waxing, nails, live blood analysis, visionary healing and many other services and products to better your health. We are a full body, mind, spirit connection wellness spa. Heaven on Earth total body care & Wellness: “A place you enter as a stranger and leave as a friend”! 💜

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In Business Since 2015

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I am passionate about wellness inside out. My mom and dad always taught us growing up the importance of good health care for our body from hygiene, dressing and eating healthy to get you through your day. But yet there was so much more to it all; good positive thoughts, sleep, clean healthy food, water, exercise activities, whatever form that is for the average person. Staying humble and always remember to be thankful; I have always enjoyed people, just knowing that I could make a difference in someone’s day, gave me energy to do more. I’m not afraid of hard work it is something my parents did everyday of their lives and they made sure we understood it well. “With hard, honest work, one knows that they will only do their very best, that is our reward, God will always light your way”. After many years in Alberta and raising my own family, due to poor health I relocated back to my home area, where I decided with the push from my loved ones to follow my own passion of wellness, in 2015 I decided to venture out and open my business at 8315 Main Street Osoyoos. The name came to me while I was at my job at Safeway in Lethbridge, Alberta. I had already been working at a spa part time and furthering my education in many areas of body care treatments. I wanted a name that represented all the things that I truly believe and work hard to live and stand by, my dad has been gone since 1975, yet I feel him around almost always. “Heaven on Earth total body care & Wellness”. The perfect name for all I have been taught to this point in my life, with full appreciation for our body, mind, spirit and wellbeing inside out. I have wished and dreamt of always having a place for all to come and enjoy, so just for today I will smile and be thankful once again for yet another wonderful journey, as I have the opportunity to touch and make a difference in someone’s else’s life and they in mine. I look forward to waking up and going to my little Heaven on Earth total body care & Wellness. “ a place you enter a stranger and leave as a friend”. I decided to expend my business in 2020 just before Covid19, I’m thankful for the amazing support I received during these most difficult times, when faced with hard times, I was reminded of what it took to get it off the ground for the first three years and I promised myself to keep going, I’m blessed for supportive family, clients, friends and the determination to do my very best in such difficult challenging times that we all have had to face.

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