Nanaimo, Vancouver Island/Coast

Formula Debs Artwork

Nanaimo, Vancouver Island/Coast

Formuladebs is a collection of relatable designs to reflect all experiences we are going through in life. I create digital art incorporating positive affirmations and faceless characters to inspire and uplift others, then turn it into fun items like stickers, keychains, and art prints for people to keep or share! At the foundation of all my work is inclusivity, connection, and empowerment. Anyone can belong here.

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In Business Since 2020

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Best Youth Entrepreneur

What motivated you to start your business and what is your vision for the future of your company?

In 2019 I began using positive affirmations in my daily life and things really shifted. I started incorporating these into my designs, to work through my experiences and ground myself. I started Formuladebs as a way to seek connection with like-minded individuals. I knew I couldn't be alone in many of my experiences, even though it often felt that way. Formuladebs has connected me to a powerful and uplifting community, along with validation from people who have told me how meaningful my work was to them or that they could relate to a piece. One of my greatest accomplishments was to financially contribute to organizations in my community doing work that I care about: The Trevor Project, Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre, and the Haven Society. Going forward, I hope to leverage my network to launch collaborative projects to make a bigger impact for these inclusive organizations.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Youth Entrepreneur award?

I believe I deserve this youth entrepreneur award for my contributions to my community as a whole. The products I sell are inclusive and thoughtful for people both the same and different from me. I take great care in providing a space where my indigenous and my LGBTQ+ friends KNOW they are welcomed and supported. Creating relatable concepts in a digital medium and turning them into tangible products that can be collected and shared, I encourage conversations on self-love and empowerment for everyone!

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