Victoria, Vancouver Island/Coast

Ergonomyx Technologies Canada Inc.

Victoria, Vancouver Island/Coast

Ergonomyx Technologies Canada Inc. is a digital health solutions company headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia. We are a private corporation devoted to the research, development, and improvement of products for a healthy workplace environment. We manufacture patent-pending workspace fitness devices and smart sit-and-stand desks that connect to cloud services and our suite of mobile and web applications. This disruptive ecosystem pushes and motivates desk users to “Sit. Stand. Move.” aiding employees to achieve higher performance, better health, greater optimism, and stronger motivation while working behind the desk. Our clients are power desk users who are mindful of their health and are looking for the best tools to live healthier lives while being more productive.

24 Employees

In Business Since 2018

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Best Innovation

What motivated you to start your business, what challenges did you overcome?

We were inspired to start Ergonomyx after seeing a need to improve the way people work behind their desks. Studies were showing how unhealthy it is to sit throughout the work day but also that it is unhealthy to stand for too long as well. Then, we realized while looking at the Fitbit that fitness trackers do not track important health data from using standing desks, which inspired us to invent the technology ourselves. Once we started our product development research, we realized it isn’t just alternating between sitting and standing that is important in the workspace, but also moving throughout the day. This inspired us to develop our under-the-desk bike. The most difficult challenge for our business was the development of our products. We knew the science existed to make the automatic standing desk, but in order to actually invent the necessary hardware and software, we required a diverse team with different talents. Some of the challenges we overcame included developing the hardware and software for the standing desk so that it could be completely automated and developing a way for the users to power the bike simply by pedaling. We also had to find a way to reduce the noise created by pedaling the bike so it could be easily integrated into an office setting. Overall, it was a very complex road with several pivots in hardware, software, cloud services, and micro-controllers before we were confident that we had developed products of the highest possible quality that accommodated all possible user needs. This was achieved by our amazing and talented team of engineers from multiple fields who worked together, and remotely due to COVID, to develop our final products.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Innovation award?

We believe that diversity is the foundation of innovation and it’s our diverse and knowledgeable workforce that enabled us to develop the technology that distinguishes Ergonomyx from the competition. We are the creators of the “Workspace Fitness Concept” and as such, we have a comprehensive IP strategy that includes 39 patent families. Ergonomyx is the first to go to market with a comprehensive ecosystem of products and a fully functional Saas suite of products that includes a mobile app, a web app, and remote servers that communicate with the Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk and the Smart Under-the-Desk Bike. The seamless integration of our products to our cloud server and our applications to simplify the use of standing desks and workspace fitness products is what separates us from competitors selling similar products. Unlike our competitors, we have made our products fun, social and competitive to motivate desk users to sit, stand and move, improving their health in the workplace.

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