Port Coquitlam, Mainland/Southwest

Earthling Bakery and Foods

Port Coquitlam, Mainland/Southwest

Earthling Bakery & Foods is a local, first-generation immigrant family, women-run bakery that makes fresh gluten free and plant-based goods. Our method is Korean-Style inspired baking with rice flour and natural artificial-free ingredients. 100% gluten free. We make all of our pastries from scratch using no wheat, no artificial flavours, or colours. Our specialty is Dacquoise & Almond poundcakes. Dacquoise is a very popular cafe dessert in Asia, that is a fine product of cultures coming together. It is traditionally a French dessert--an almond meringue pastry, filled with buttercream. Embracing our culture & heritage, at Earthling Foods we incorporate Korean traditional flavours such as: mugwort (ssuk), injeolmi (Roasted soybean powder/ kinako), and black sesame (heuk-im-ja). We skip the flour and replace with rice flour to make it gluten-free. Everything is made from scratch, using only natural ingredients. We also specialize in plant-based gluten free products such as almond vegan pound cakes made with no refined sugar and 100% plant-based ingredients. As our motto says, we preserve the spirit of locally baked goods and make decisions that are minimalist, and better for the environment including our packaging. We started our bakery in the beginning of February just before the covid-19 lockdown and saw it grow in the past year at an exponential rate. Within just 5 months of opening, we were lucky enough to supply to more than 10 different locally-owned cafe locations. We now also supply to major supermarkets -- all T&T Western Canada (Alberta & BC) locations, H-Mart, Stong's Market, and Pomme Natural Foods market. We believe in supporting and working together with like-minded local businesses and the community. We work in a large commissary kitchen that is based in Port Coquitlam, alongside few other small local businesses. We collaborate with many local businesses and do our best to support our local economy during these uncertain times. We are authentic, true to our colours, and make high-quality artisanal products that are guilt-free but yet addictively tasty!

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In Business Since 2020

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Best Immigrant Entrepreneur

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We are first generation 20-something immigrants from Korea who want to bring the new wave of dessert culture to Vancouver. Our business started very simply from one pastry - the dacquoise. We loved this French-inspired sandwich cookie because it was a product of East-West fusion, cultures coming together to create something delicious. The idea of our bakery started in the winter of 2019 and we began producing the cookies in February of 2020 just before the covid19 lockdown. The lockdown gave us a huge challenge as a wholesale business, because the cafes we were selling to were shutting down. We moved our platform online and began hand-delivering our goods to people's homes, offering contactless delivery. We worked more than 80 hours a week, baking during the mornings and delivering during the night. It was very hard work, but we felt good to be serving delicious desserts to people during these uncertain times. As immigrants who moved to Canada during the Asian Financial Crisis, we understand the challenges of economic hardships, and we wanted to bring joy to people who were going through the same things our family was back then. Covid-19 had also led to the loss of one of our family member's jobs, and brought much economic hardships for us, but we endured through the times with hard work and our bakery has given us new hope.

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Despite all the challenges that covid-19 has brought us, we have successfully grown our business in 2020 and have now become a fully operational, expanding company. As immigrants to Canada that came during the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis, we faced many challenges as our family members had economic difficulties. Despite the economic hardships, we survived and now the covid-19 pandemic also reminded us of the same challenges we had previously faced as an immigrant family. Despite these hardships, through innovation and hard work our business gave us new hope. Not only that, we also gave hope to other struggling local businesses--many of them also owned by immigrants--by providing them with solutions to increase their sales. We truly believe in working together with the local community, preserving the spirit of locally baked goods, and bringing our cultures together through delicious desserts.

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