Gibsons, Mainland/Southwest

Custom Integration Solutions

Gibsons, Mainland/Southwest

Custom Integration Solutions is a Canadian company providing a complete network end to end solution. Uniquely, CIS uses Canadian vendors to the largest possible degree to produce a full line of network equipment. Built assembled and tested on the Sunshine Coast, this Canadian made enterprise equipment is provided to resellers across Canada, and into the USA. As the manufacturer of the equipment, CIS also offers an unparalleled plethora of scalable and repeatable services empowering resellers to offer complete network solutions. CIS is currently providing network solutions to Canadian residences, businesses, and commercial enterprises coast to coast.

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In Business Since 2015

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Best Community Impact

What motivated you to start your business and what core cause do you support?

•Create a product that anyone can setup and use. •Create security for the end user. •Create series of resalable services attached to the equipment. •Create a secure remote support model. •Create an ongoing service and support model. •Do not be bound by geography. •Create Economy. Formerly running an automation business, I had a identified several challenges in that industry. As an integrator we were often responsible for setting up networks in homes or businesses. The fiction perpetuated, is that anyone can provision a network, when the reality is that IT has many facets and like most professional jobs requires education and experience. As a company we were seeking something scalable and repeatable and most importantly safe and secure. I learned that most practices in place in the ever-growing work of the IoT was trading convenience for security. Challenges How do we create a model where an individual with modest IT experience can deploy a network quickly, structured and offer business class encrypted access? Support individuals and resellers were exhausting enormous resources problem solving with limited success. This was a significant pain point. So, the question was how to turn that pain point into a productive profitable component of the business. Finally, we endeavoured to create an illusive industry, support. The network and automation equipment industry has previously never realized a cohesive support model. As an example, consumers who would spend $10, 000.00s to $100,000.00s on a network and automation solution for a residence or business were often never even offered “tune ups” or ongoing service models. As network solutions age, they become susceptible to several vulnerabilities, just like an automobile. Tune ups are necessary. So finally, the greatest challenge was to implement a simple and efficient membership platform that resellers could offer to end users.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Community Impact award?

Today CIS has a national and international reach. We have introduced a new industry into the Sunshine Coast where we live. This has provided staff and their families to make a living and in turn contribute to economy of the Sunshine Coast. We currently have plans to co-market with our first vendor in the U.S.A. This global vendor will co-market a portion our products throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. We believe this will be our first foothold outside of Canada. Our community is not only the Sunshine Coast, but Canada generally. AS a growing company we look forward to continuing generating revenue personally, and through our fabrication partners, and resellers on a national level.

Best Innovation

What motivated you to start your business, what challenges did you overcome?

In our former business as a system integrator, I was challenged to find a network solution that was designed to meet the needs of our specific industry. Using a plethora of equipment from a variety of vendors we tried various solutions unsuccessfully, so built the model. It was my wish to create Canadian company that would not be bound by geography. This company would create opportunity within our community, and on a grander scale in Canada as it grew. I wished to create a model where we were not bound by bricks and mortar, with opportunity to work from anywhere. Finally, I want to create a new recurring revenue industry for the integration professional.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Innovation award?

As a company Custom Integration Solutions has been innovative in several areas. The undertaking to produce a full Canadian IT product line was designed on several levels to create industry here in Canada. As a unique end to end company that not only produces hardware but facilitates the provisioning of the equipment puts CIS in a class of its own. The proprietary processes that facilitate individuals to deploy large scale networks easily is an ongoing development. PlatinumDN is another unique offering by CIS that allows for remote encrypted access to networks regardless of internet service provider configurations. This unique platform overcomes the situations where clients are using LTE hubs, satellite, and now more commonly ISPs that offer IPTV systems. CIS PlatinumDN has facilitated secure remote access to a multitude of previously inaccessible systems.

Premier's People's Choice

Peoples Choice. It has been a personal dream to create something unique, and I feel we have done this with CIS. We have a Canadian company building our own line of network equipment. We have proprietary and unique processes that we have developed almost exclusively in house. We have built everything from products and services to a call center and have made it in Canada. Today we train IT staff in our specific protocols and bring enhanced information and services to Canadians. Custom Integration Solutions, a full end to end solution, only found in Canada!

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