Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

Coffee Bike Vancouver

Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

We have combined Canadians' love for the coffee and desire to maintain green and healthy environment. As a result, we would like to introduce our fully equipped and self sustained coffee shops based on the platform of electric tricycles, which guarantees zero gas emissions, while serving delicious coffee beverages and baked goods. Our flexible location allows us to roam around the city and help you with those energy and taste cravings at your best convenience!

10 Employees

In Business Since 2018

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Best Community Impact

What motivated you to start your business and what core cause do you support?

Food truck industry is growing and representing a good portion of Vancouver's food industry. While I really enjoy service of my food truck fellows, there is something that makes this concept less favorable for the public - gas generators, and the emission and noise they are constantly producing. Coffee Bikes are unique zero gas emission, solar, battery, and natural gas powered units, which have productivity rate of a big food truck with much smaller footprint. By introducing zero emissions units to the streets of Vancouver, I was hoping, that the entire industry will start to follow our trend, step by step, and, even by little bit, we will contribute to greener and cleaner future!

Why do you deserve to win the Best Community Impact award?

We have showed good adaptability to the "New Normal" times and have been serving our community for non-stop for the entire time since pandemic hit with zero negative impact on our environment. A lot of people were grateful to have an option of buying a cup of fresh coffee during uncertain times, and I strongly believe that we were ones among not so many others, who were making our city look and feel alive:)

Best Immigrant Entrepreneur

Please tell us your personal story and about your business. How you started, and how you have overcome challenges.

I have moved to Vancouver in 2012 as an international UBC student majoring in Business, Entrepreneurship. That has always been my dream because I see Vancouver as a city of diverse directions, passionate people, and thousands of opportunities. Infrastructure, nature, promotion of healthy lifestyle, its industrial and business development - all of that makes me feel alive, and I am extremely grateful to be part of such an unstoppable, continuously developing place, which I can already call HOME, and which, hopefully will help me to reach my dream and fulfill my potential as entrepreneur, and as just a guy who believes that everything is achievable with hard work and dedication. During the last year of UBC, I have started to research potential ideas for personal ventures and came across Sweden based Kickstarter campaign - Wheelys Coffee. They were claiming to offer mobile coffee shop unit with minimal investment - ready to go business at one click of Credit Card. While I had some theoretical business experience, real life turned out to be much more complicated. I remember, all I did was calculating margins of coffee beverages (revenue versus cost of goods sold), and has already started to visualize how I will be making thousands of dollars with just one mobile coffee shop unit. As a result, I have used some of my savings and purchased one of their units. What I received was an absolute garbage (sorry for my language), which did not go along with any of Coastal Health requirements, and was completely unfunctional. I took me little over a year and 2-3 times more investment to fill this unit with enough equipment in order to get all my permits to operate, however, the final product was not mobile at all due to overload and lack of motor power. I managed to sell some drinks from it, but closed after just one month of operations, because I did not see how I can scale this project with more units. But I did not give up! Based on the feedback of my customers and my personal feelings, I realized that the concept is great, however the execution should be changed. The Coffee Bike, which you currently see on the streets is completely my design, which took me few months to develop after I closed Wheelys Coffee unit. I have learned all the pains and mistakes from the original project and has been constantly improving it feature for the past 2 years. Now, we are scaling up in Vancouver and are about to launch Canada wide franchise!

Why do you deserve to win the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur award?

Being and Immigrant Entrepreneur is not easy, especially of you do not have any local connections or huge international investment support. I think my example is a great showcase for immigrants who want to start their small business in BC, because I have gone through the entire start up process from A to Z without any mentorship, by just personal research and effort. Moreover, I was not eligible for any bank loans or line or credit due to my student visa status, so the entire start up was run on a day-to-day cash flow and support of my second (Personal Trainer) job.

Best Solopreneur

What motivated you to start your business? What challenges did you overcome as a Solopreneur?

Since the first day of my studies in UBC I knew that entrepreneurship is what I want to do in my life. Freedom of actions and highly developed sense of discipline and responsibility have always been part of my life vision. I have majored in business (entrepreneurship) in UBC, which gave me good fundamental theoretical business knowledge, however, real life has shown me situations and challenges, which goes beyond book knowledge. From the very beginning of registering your business to the current days of day to day operations, being a solopreneur implies huge responsibilities, especially during start up phase, because you have to control every step of the chain and can not miss anything - otherwise your business will fail. The other side of entrepreneurship without any additional financial support (like in my case) is that you have to maintain some regular income to pay bills, and in my case it was my fitness personal training. This is how my schedule looked like in the beginning. Every day I was waking up at 4:50am; 6am - 1pm I was at the streets serving coffees and developing returning customers and brand recognition in my community; 2pm - 7(8)pm I had my personal training clients; 8pm- 10pm I was sitting at home with my laptop emailing every single industry, which might be interested in Coffee Bike catering services. Maintaining this type of productivity and do not burn out, believing in your idea and brand, while keeping your emotional and physical state stable was my biggest challenge as a solopreneur.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Solopreneur award?

I have overcome all the challenges of making a start up as a solopreneur and developed fairly recognized Vancouver brand. The system, which was developed during last few year is working daily, which is a great result of all my effort and time.

Best Youth Entrepreneur

What motivated you to start your business and what is your vision for the future of your company?

Since the first day of my studies in UBC I knew that entrepreneurship is what I want to do in my life. Freedom of actions and highly developed sense of discipline and responsibility have always been part of my life vision. During my school years I have been working as a Personal Trainer, but always wanted a business, that I can scale without my physical appearance. After tons of daily effort and dedication Coffee Bike has become a well recognized Vancouver brand. We currently operate 4 Coffee Bike units daily and are about to launch Canada Wide franchise, which will allows us to help other people become entrepreneurs with a relatively low entry level and already developed and proven system. I was fortunate enough to finish business school and get some theoretical business knowledge and now ready to share it with others!

Why do you deserve to win the Best Youth Entrepreneur award?

Throughout last 2.5 years Coffee Bike has shown a stable growth and now is transferring to Canada wide franchise model. Starting this company at the age of 22 (during the last semester of my university) helped me to learn one of the main entrepreneurial character - risk taking. Coupled with big sense of discipline and dedication, this makes me to keep on going and never give up.

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