Workplace Wellness: Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

When it comes to the health and well-being of your employees, your work environment can make or break your workplace wellness program. We all know how tough it is to go for a piece of fruit when there’s a piece of cake in the kitchen.  Building a work environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice is one of the best ways you can set your employees (and yourself!) up for success.

Here are some examples of how you can start building a healthier environment in your workplace:

1.    Try Point-of-Decision Prompts

Signs where employees can make quick and simple decisions about their health can help them make the right choice. Some examples would be to put a sign by the elevator promoting the stairs, or a sign by the water cooler suggesting employees try and drink an extra glass of water.

2.    Use the Buddy System

Making healthy decisions is much easier when you have the support of a friend, or if you have someone to be held accountable to. Post a sign-up board where staff can join a group or find a buddy to participate in activities they enjoy.

3.    Give Them Options

You can help your employees by giving them options in the workplace that support their healthy living. Biking or jogging to work is a lot easier when bike racks and change rooms are available, or getting more fruits and vegetables can be a snap with a fruit bowl instead of a candy bowl in the kitchen.

4.    Check Your Space

Take a look at your office and see if it’s set up to allow your employees to be healthy. Do you have a kitchen with adequate space and the appliances employees need to bring their lunches in from home, like a fridge and a microwave? Does your building remove all triggers for smokers, like smoking shelters and cigarette butt receptacles?

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