Why Coworking May Be Your Future Office

Unless your spouse is your co-founder and your cat is your CFO, working from home can bring certain interruptions that you wouldn’t find at a shared workspace.

Life will always bring unexpected distractions, whether you work at home, a coffee shop or a coworking space. That being said, if you work from home, your brain is more likely to be wired to think about home-centric activities like cooking and dusting instead of work tasks. You may find yourself concentrating more on cleaning than your client list.

Benefits of Coworking

While coworking isn’t the answer to everything, it can be a valuable tool to help your business grow.

Working in an environment designed for business-only tasks mayincrease your focus and productivity. According to a study done by Desk Mag, 68 per cent of people said they were able to focus better while coworking. When you get to your coworking space, your brain knows that it’s time to get to work.

Read the benefits of coworking to see if this innovative tool is the right one for your business.


Being surrounded by like-minded people gives you a sounding board to share and receive advice and guidance. People in a coworking space work in different industries and at different business stages, from start-up to growth to getting ready to exit. This can provide a range of perspectives that will give you feedback and a fresh outlook on your challenges.


Growing a network is a valuable add-on for any business owner. You can learn from other businesses, as well as create friendships that will be the foundation for deals now and in the future.


When you interact with your community, possibilities pop up. Coworking spaces are designed to have open spaces for people to meet and chat. When you work at home, the odds that someone will literally knock on your door with a genius new idea or venture is little to none. While if you’re surrounded by a community of other people that are inspired and motivated, your chances to find exciting opportunities are much greater.

Professional Brand

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to take a meeting in my one bed-room apartment. I also don’t think that taking a meeting in at a loud coffee shop is the ideal customer experience when you’re trying to negotiate your next contract or sale. Having a professional space to work from allows you to book space for important meetings or presentations.

Business Address

Do you have an address on your business card, or your home address? Your prospects judge the professionalism of the business that they might work with by the little details. Having no address may indicate to them that the business is less stable, and maybe less trustworthy, too.

Invest in Yourself With a Coworking Space

Investing a few hundred dollars a month on a professional space for your business could be the key to giving you benefits that go well beyond a desk, so you can pay dividends in the future growth on your business.

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