When It Comes to Workplace Wellness, It’s OK to Start Small

As a small business owner, achieving your vision is often about the small steps you take each day to make that vision a reality. This same principle can be applied to creating a healthy work environment where employees thrive. When it comes to workplace wellness, it’s OK to start small. Over time, those small steps can lead to creating an environment where the healthier choice is the easier choice.

WellnessFits has worked with a number of small businesses throughout the province to support them in creating healthier workplaces. Here are a few ways that some businesses from a variety of industries have “started small.”

You may want to try out one of these ideas in your own workplace. Or better yet, ask your employees for input and involve them in coming up with other creative activities.

Map It Out

A construction company in northern BC wanted to encourage more physical activity and take advantage of the many walking trails near the office. They printed and labeled maps of the trails with the approximate distance and time to walk each trail. Employees collected points for walking the trails and were rewarded bonus points for walking in teams.

Get Active and Give Back at the Same Time

Employees at a small credit union in Prince George wanted to combine getting some exercise with giving back to the community. They decided to volunteer to walk dogs at the local SPCA on their lunch break.

Chef It Up

A small tech start-up in Vancouver wanted to support their employees in trying to eat healthier both at home and at work. They decided to bring in a chef for a lunch n’ learn to offer them some tips and ideas for cooking quick, healthy meals.

Create Some Healthy Competition

A small dog walking business owner wanted to create some friendly competition among her staff and challenged them to track their steps using pedometers. Pedometer challenges are a great way to engage employees who work shifts, work remotely, or prefer exercising on their own.

Reinvent the Potluck

Employees at a Lower Mainland travel firm wanted to get on track with healthy eating so they decided to turn their weekly potluck into a salad bar. Instead of having to make a dish to bring in, each person signed up to bring in one ingredient for a salad. Employees now look forward to this weekly social – and healthy – event.