What’s Happening in March 2020 at Small Business BC?

The green shoots of spring are starting to appear across our province meaning winter is at an end. Why not use this transformational time to review where your small business could use a refresh? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade off your marketing plan; maybe it’s time to consider incorporation or finding a business partner? Whatever your business needs, Small Business BC has the education you need to succeed.

It’s another busy month here at the station, as we shift our attention from the glitz and glamour of the 17th Annual Small Business BC Awards toward a full slate of seminars and advisory sessions.

With Sunday, March 8th marking International Women’s Day, our monthly Meetup event is dedicated to championing female entrepreneurship. Join us Thursday, March 5th and hear from Melanie Rupp of Women’s Enterprise Centre, Lanna Lucas from Hunter Browns, and Marissa Bergeron of Eat the Dishes. They’ll talk through their struggles and challenges as women entrepreneurs and give advice on the best way to start and grow a business. Don’t forget to check out Business Resources for Women Entrepreneurs.

Without further ado, here are the educational highlights for March 2020 at Small Business BC.

March at Small Business BC

Business Networking Skills for Success

Tuesday, March 3rd
10:00AM to 12:00PM

Social media, digital advertising and your own website provide an invaluable online presence, but good old-fashioned in-person networking remains the single most effective way to put your business on the map. Our Business Networking Skills for Success seminar provides an invaluable primer on building these face-to-face skills.

Business Mapping: Developing a Smart Business Model

Wednesday, March 4th
1:00PM to 3:30PM

Struggling with the complexities of a business plan? Business mapping helps to deconstruct the formal elements of a business plan, simplifying a lot of the information into bite-sized pieces. It covers the same aspects as a more traditional business plan, without going into as much granular detail.

How to Do Business with the Federal Government

Thursday, March 5th
10:30AM to 12:00PM

The Government of Canada is one of the largest purchasers of goods and services in the country. Each year, the federal government spends up to $25 billion on goods, services, and construction. Want to learn how your business can do business with the federal government?

Blogging to Promote Your Business

Monday, March 9th
1:00PM to 4:00PM

Blogging allows a business to easily create and share valuable and relevant content with their target audience. Whether it’s blogging, social media or newsletters, content marketing is critical for entrepreneurs looking to promote their business in a budget-conscious manner.

Creating Google Ads for Your Business

Tuesday, March 10th
09:00AM to 12:00PM

Creating Google Ads for Your Business is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and grow your digital marketing efforts. This Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform enables you to create relevant (and highly searchable) ads to form part of your varied approach to online marketing beyond SEO, SEM and other means to generate organic web traffic.

IDEAS: Innovation for Defense Excellence and Security

Thursday, March 12th
10:30AM to 12:00PM

Are you an innovator? Regardless if you are working from your home, an academic in a university lab or a scientist in a small business or a major corporation, the Innovation for Defence, Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program is looking for your solutions to help resolve defence and security challenges.

Market Research for Your Business Package

Thursday, March 19th
10:30AM to 4:30PM

In this two-part seminar package, Small Business BC’s Market Research expert, Mark Eversfield will teach you the important steps of gathering both secondary and primary market research. You will learn how ask the right questions, collect key data and interpret that information to help you make strategic business decisions.

Seminars included:

  • Market Research 1: Find Business Data and Insights
  • Market Research 2: Surveys and Focus Groups

Preparing for International Travel and Tradeshows

Tuesday, March 24th
09:30AM to 11:00AM

Tradeshows are crucial to expanding your sales outside B.C.’s borders. But the culture, etiquette and expectations of doing business in each country are different. So how do you prepare? Join us for this free interactive seminar and learn the dos and don’ts of international business, how to get the most of out of your trip, and learn about the cultural elements that impact business decision-making.

Using Free Trade Agreements to Grow Your Business

Tuesday, March 24th
1:00PM to 3:00PM

Did You Know: There are currently 14 free trade agreements ratified by Canada.

This broad set of agreements gives Canadian businesses access to diverse markets across the world. Join Small Business BC International Trade Advisor, Max Vitali, and gain an understanding of how Canada’s Free Trade Agreements can open up whole new markets for your business.

How to Create an Authentic Brand

Wednesday, March 25th
1:00PM to 4:00PM

A brand consists of much more than just a logo. In fact, it’s just one aspect of a true branding strategy. Want to appear as professional and well-polished as a much bigger company? It all begins with your branding. Join us and learn how to create a brand strategy that resonates with your audience and remains authentic to your identity as a business. By the end you will have a pathway towards building the foundation for a successful brand.

Business Viability Package

Tuesday, March 31st
09:00AM to 4:00PM

Join us for our business viability package and learn how to determine, evaluate and forecast your business finances. You’ll leave understanding how to analyze the financial viability and determine the strength of your business’ cash flow for potential investors.

You will receive a 15% discount by registering for this full day package.

Seminars included:

Here to Help

No matter what stage of business, or what problem you face, Small Business BC offers a range of seminars and one-on-one advisory sessions to suit any business.

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