What’s Happening in December 2021 at Small Business BC

December has arrived, and Small Business BC has you covered for your annual Holiday gift buying. Whether it’s shopping local, or giving the gift of business education this December, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for the month ahead. Let’s start with our annual gift guides.

Holiday Gift Guides for 2021

The Holidays have almost arrived, and what better way to spread some festive cheer than by shopping local and supporting our province’s incredible small business owners. To help with your Holiday gift shopping, we’ve put together guides featuring local businesses throughout our province:

These guides are just a taster of the 3,000+ BC-based small businesses you can find on our BC Marketplace. Have a browse and find amazing gift ideas right on your doorstep that help support small business, keep jobs in our communities, and smiles on your loved one’s faces.

The Gift of Business Education

We may be biased, but what better way to treat the business owner in your life this Holiday season than by giving the gift of business education? January is the perfect time for starting anew, and our packed calendar of education this winter is designed to help New Year’s Resolutioners and veteran business owners alike. To help maximize the learning opportunities and gifting potential, we’ve moved many of our most popular sessions into January. Invest in your business, or give the gift of business education this Holiday season.

Here are the upcoming educational highlights at Small Business BC this December and January.

Start Smart Package

Wednesday, December 1st
9:00am to 4pm

Whether you have a winning idea, or you’re just fascinated with the idea of launching a business, the Starting a Business: Start Smart Series delivers the basics you need to get started on the journey.

Ranging from the different business structures, to business insurance, employment standards and how you can protect your intellectual property, this fascinating series will equip you with the basics of launching a start-up.

Seminars Included:

Finding Opportunities with the Government of Canada

Thursday, December 2nd
1pm to 2pm

Did you know – The Government of Canada purchases between $20-$25 billion of goods, services, and construction each year. Many of the suppliers of these goods are small businesses. Finding and Bidding on Opportunities with the Federal Government can provide a fantastic way to grow your revenue.

Get an overview of buyandsell.gc.ca, which offers access to all the Government of Canada’s tenders and other related procurement information. You’ll receive guidance on the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and general information on the government bidding and evaluation process.

Business Finance Package

Tuesday, January 11th
9:00am to 4pm

Financial Statements provide essential information used to analyze and answer valuable questions relating to your business. Our Business Finance seminar package will teach you how to analyze these valuable documents.

This package will first help you understand how to maintain financial records and interpret financial statements. You will then be introduced to ratio analysis, a powerful tool which will help you identify the financial pros and cons of your business operation. This package is great for existing businesses and for business start-ups planning to use industry standards for their financial plan.

You will receive a 15% discount by registering for this full package.

Sessions included:

Social Media for Small Business

Wednesday, January 12th
1pm to 4pm

While it’s amazing for catching up with old friends, social media can also be a huge driver of traffic and attention to your small business. And, just because you know what social media is, does not mean you necessarily understand how to use social media to grow and develop your business.

This workshop focuses on understanding social media for small business, what it is and how it’s connecting people.

Supplying Professional Services to the Government of Canada

Thursday, January 13th
10:30am to 12pm

The Government of Canada is one of the largest purchasers of goods and services in the country. Each year, the federal government spends up to $25 billion on goods, services, and construction.

This seminar will help you understand more about how the Government of Canada purchases professional services and the use of standing offers and supply arrangements. We will cover how to register your business in the Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) as well as how to find and bid on professional services opportunities.

How to Create an Exit Plan for Your Small Business

Tuesday, January 18th
10am to 11am

One statistic suggests that 80% of business owners want to stop working in their business within the next 10 years, and yet only about 20% have a exit plan. As time passes, every entrepreneur will face the challenging task of putting an exit plan in place. This seminar will introduce the exit planning process and provide you with the 7 key steps to a business exit plan.

Join Joe Markovitch to learn about the fundamentals of exit planning and what a successful plan requires. Leave with practical knowledge, tools, and resources you need to start your own exit plan.

How to Launch Your Product in Today’s World

Tuesday, January 18th
1pm to 4pm

COVID-19 has spurred many changes affecting retail in BC, from disruptions to the supply chain to online shopping becoming more prevalent. At the same time though, initiatives like Shop Local and the transition of brick and mortar businesses to e-commerce are taking place. Now may be the best time for you to connect with retailers, get your foot in the door, and your products onto their shelves and their websites. Appealing product design, a powerful brand story, and pricing strategies are important as ever.

Jim Shopland will share his decades of experience with retailers and take you through each step as you prepare for the changing retail landscape. COVID-19 has spurred many changes affecting retail in BC, from disruptions to the supply chain to online shopping becoming more prevalent. At the same time though, initiatives like Shop Local and the transition of brick and mortar businesses to e-commerce are taking place.

Small Business Incorporation Package

Tuesday, January 25th
9:00am to 4pm

As a small business owner, the realities of your legal and tax situation will change as your company grows. Incorporating offers a business structure with many advantages you might not have considered.

Register for our small business incorporation package and learn from the professionals how and when the best time is to move from a proprietorship/partnership to an incorporated company. Gain valuable knowledge on setting up the legal entity of a corporation in this all-day tax and legal information package. You will receive a 15% discount by registering for this full day package.

Seminars included:

Doing Business with the Government of Canada

Thursday, January 27th
1pm to 2:30pm

Did you know: The Government of Canada spends up to $25 billion annually on goods, services, and construction. Many of these contracts are fulfilled by small businesses, meaning plenty of opportunities to engage with.

This seminar will guide you through the various aspects involved in doing business with the federal government as well as the recourse mechanisms and services available to suppliers in the event they encounter issues with a federal contract.