What’s Happening in August 2021 at Small Business BC

The dog days of summer have arrived in British Columbia. Beat the heat and boost your small business skillset with Small Business BC’s packed calendar of August education. This month, we’re covering everything from social media, to business mapping and how to increase performance in the workplace.

Before we dive into our highlights, have you heard about our On-Demand E-Learning courses? These self-directed courses are perfect for today’s busy world, providing interactive multimedia content that’s available 24/7. Each of our courses can be completed in one hour, and they’re broken down into focused topics that organize essential knowledge into bite-sized pieces. We’ll be launching more of these convenient and engaging courses in the coming months.

Elsewhere, we’re midway through the first season of the Made Possible Podcast. Our podcast features interviews with small business owners from our community, sharing their inspirational stories, lessons, and how they made their businesses possible. We’ve still got plenty of episodes to come, so don’t miss out!

Let’s check out the educational highlights for August 2021 at Small Business BC.

Performance Management in the Workplace

Thursday, August 5th
11am to 11:45am

Performance management helps employees realize their full potential and employers align individual performance to organizational goals. Presented by Thao Tran, Senior Advisor of Human Resource Business at ADP, this session covers best practices for consistent assessment and feedback. Upon completion of the 30-minute presentation, there will be a Q&A session where Thao will be happy to address your individual questions.

Operations Management for Small Business

(Recorded Presentation and Live Q&A Discussion with Laura Aveledo on Zoom)

Monday, August 9th
11:30am to 12pm

Running a small business can sometimes seem like putting together a piece of furniture. You’ve got lots of little parts that slot together to make the whole but how can you build it without a set of instructions? Operations Management can provide the necessary direction.

Join us for this seminar and explore how you can determine who does what, where, when, how and most importantly – why?

E-Commerce for Your Business – Series

Tuesday, August 10th
10:30am to 11:30am

n this free three-part webinar series, learn about how to set up your e-commerce business for success. Topics covered include marketing for your e-commerce business, setting up your online store, and optimizing operations for shipping, delivery, and more.

Scheduled on Tuesdays on August 10, 17 and 24 between 10:30am – 12:00pm PST, this package includes three webinars in one simple registration:

– Aug 10 10:30am – 12:00pm Reach More Customers with the Right Marketing Mix
– Aug 17 10:30am – 12;00pm Steps to Setting Up Your Online Store
– Aug 24 10:30am – 12:00pm From Shipping to Returns: Keys to E-Commerce Success

Business Mapping: Developing a Smart Business Model

Wednesday, August 11th
1pm to 3:30pm

Struggling with the complexities of a business plan? Business mapping helps to deconstruct the formal elements of a business plan, simplifying a lot of the information into bite-sized pieces. It covers the same aspects as a more traditional business plan, without going into as much granular detail.

Join John Baxter, Small Business BC as he provides you with a lean start-up canvas for developing a new business that segments your potential enterprise into nine easy to understand chunks.

Doing Business with the Government of Canada

Thursday, August 12th
10:30am to 12pm

Did you know: The Government of Canada spends up to $25 billion annually on goods, services, and construction. Many of these contracts are fulfilled by small businesses, meaning plenty of opportunities to engage with.

This seminar will guide you through the various aspects involved in doing business with the federal government as well as the recourse mechanisms and services available to suppliers in the event they encounter issues with a federal contract.

Steps to Setting Up Your Online Store

Tuesday, August 17th
10:30am to 11:30am

It’s never been easier to set up an online store. Whether you are just getting started, transitioning your store online, or you already have an online store that needs to be optimized for increased orders, establishing a strong online presence is the first step on your e-commerce journey.

Gain insights and tips on different selling channels, developing and enhancing your online store, and how to set up your business for digital success.

Start Smart Series

Wednesday, August 18th
09:00am to 4pm

Whether you have a winning idea, or you’re just fascinated with the idea of launching a business, the Starting a Business: Start Smart Series delivers the basics you need to get started on the journey.

Ranging from the different business structures, to business insurance, employment standards and how you can protect your intellectual property, this fascinating series will equip you with the basics of launching a start-up.

Seminars Included:

From Shipping to Returns: Keys to E-Commerce Success

Tuesday, August 24th
10:30am to 11:30am

Shipping and delivery are extensions of your customer experience. Once a customer clicks ‘buy’, it is your job to fulfill, ship and deliver their purchase through a seamless end-to-end experience. When done right, your operations can help save you time, money and stress, and they can boost your customers’ satisfaction.

Gain insights and tips on how to streamline your operations for success. Learn how to manage orders as your business grows, packaging your product with sustainability in mind, the value of providing your customers with delivery options, and the importance of a clear returns strategy.

Creating a Website for Your Business

Tuesday, August 24th
1pm to 3pm

Join Simon Rai, Raize Digital, and take an interactive step-by-step tour of WordPress and leave with a basic website of your own. Getting started is easier than you think on this user-friendly platform that will empower you to tell the world about your small business. In this session, we’ll also briefly examine some of the more popular alternatives to WordPress.

Social Media for Small Business

Wednesday, August 25th
09:00am to 12:30pm

While it’s amazing for catching up with old friends, social media can also be a huge driver of traffic and attention to your small business. And, just because you know what social media is, does not mean you necessarily understand how to use social media to grow and develop your business.

This workshop focuses on understanding social media for small business, what it is and how it’s connecting people.