What Does it Take to be a Successful Exporter?

Expand sales by going beyond our borders.

If you’re an established company, consider exporting as a way to diversify and increase your profits. In addition to increasing sales, by diversifying, you can help protect your business against economic downturns in your local market. You can also extend your product’s lifecycle; for example, items that are technologically outdated in Canada might be ideal for a developing country. The experience and knowledge that you gain by exporting could lead to further business opportunities.

Know what it takes to be a successful exporter.

Although there are exceptions, successful exporters generally have a solid, established business in Canada. Reliable production systems, a good reputation for supplying quality merchandise, and products that are in demand internationally are also keys to success.

Take advantage of government assistance.

Export is one of Canada’s top priorities, and there are several good programs and associations that support and promote exporting by offering financial assistance. Book an appointment with one of our trade advisors for advice on how to obtain funding to enter new international markets.