Vision. Focus. Results.

Vision. Focus. Results.  This has always been my mantra in business.  For small business leaders, this mantra is even more critical.

As an entrepreneur, you probably bolt awake at 3:00 AM with a new and brilliant killer idea.  Solutions to problems and new ideas flood to me in the middle of the night, while standing in the shower, when I am mowing the grass.  It’s crazy!

Here’s the thing though, chasing an ever-changing game plan is the surest recipe for business disaster and financial ruin.   I call it; “chasing shiny objects.”  A friend of mine quite simply says; “Squirrel!”  If I chased every new and brilliant killer idea that I come up with, I would change my business everyday!

As a business owner, operator or leader, you need a clear and compelling picture of where you are going.  If you do not, no one will know what direction you are heading in – employees will be confused and customers will be too.  This is vision and if it is clear, both employees and customers will know who you are and what you do.  It unmistakeably tells everyone what good looks like.

Next, and this is the hardest part, focus.  We are surrounded by chaos, confusion and complexity.  Everyone is full of advice.  The noise is overwhelming!  Then, we start to second ourselves.  Indecision sets in.  You start to think that you are wrong and maybe you should change the plan.  Squirrel!

If you have a clear and compelling vision, stay the course.  Execute on a short and simple list of key strategies in order to move closer to your vision.  Be relentless in your pursuit of executing on your plan.  Everything else is a shiny object that chews up your time and energy.

Know exactly what you do that is better than any other competitor.  Focus intensely on that.  Your customers will reward you with their loyalty.

Finally… Results.  There will be times when you are not seeing the fruits of your labour.  Stay the course of vision and focus.  When you and your team are aligned and “rowing in the same direction,” the results will come.  We are living in crazy times where competition is coming at us from all corners of the globe.  Customers are looking for products and services that they can trust because of this craziness.  When you are focused, a magical emotional bond will start to form with customers because of the consistency you are delivering.

Vision.  Focus.  Results.