Tips for Supporting Healthy Eating at Work

With Halloween passed and the holiday season just around the corner, trying to keep up with those healthy eating habits is easier said than done. 

Holiday parties and leftovers brought in by coworkers can be pretty cruel temptations. Luckily there are a few things you can do to make healthy eating at work easier for you and your employees, not to mention your waistlines.

1. Spread the Word

Place posters around the workplace with tips on healthy food choices your employees can make over the holiday season to help keep healthy eating top of mind.

2. Give Them Space

Make sure your employees have the space and equipment needed to make healthy lunches. Having a refrigerator or microwave can help promote bringing in healthy meals from home.

3. Put Healthy Eating on the Agenda

If food or drinks are provided at meetings, try and provide some healthy options. HealthyFamilies BC’s Eat Smart Meet Smart has some great ideas on where to start.

4. Eyes on the Prize

Provide incentives that help employees with their healthy eating goals. Cash reimbursements or appointments with registered dieticians are a great way to get employees motivated.