Tips for Eating Well from 9 to 5

Eating well at work can often be a bit of a challenge. Whether it’s trying to fit in a quick lunch between back-to-back calls with clients, or trying to put together a meal plan for a meeting that everyone will enjoy, it’s easy to see how the healthiest food choices can often lose out to the easiest food choices.

With March being Nutrition Month across the country, the Dietitians of Canada have created some resources to help address some of the most common healthy eating challenges people face at work. Using the tips below, with a little planning and preparation, you can make the healthiest food choice the easiest.

    1. Kick start your day with a balanced breakfast. Almost 40% of Canadians skip breakfast, increasing their risk for morning ‘brain drain.’ Prepping easy grab and go breakfasts ahead of time can help you start your work day right. Check out these breakfast tips for when you’re in a hurry.
    2. Get the most out of your meetings – order brain food, not drain food. Next time you’re planning a meeting that’s scheduled over a mealtime, order foods that will keep your staff focused and productive. Keep lunches light with salads and wraps filled with veggies and protein. Skip the sweets and offer fresh fruit platters and yogurt instead. Check out Eat Smart Meet Smart for more ideas on planning healthy meetings.
    3. Perk up your brown bag lunch. If you’re getting tired of your same old sandwich, why not try to mix it up by reinventing dinner leftovers? Get the most out of your time by cooking more food than you need for one meal. For example, roast an extra batch of vegetables that can be used in a frittata, vegetable soup or wrap with hummus.
    4. Start a healthy lunch club at work. Want a healthy homemade lunch but don’t always have the time to make one? Why not start a lunch club with coworkers and take turns bringing in healthy lunches to share? You can keep it simple with a salad, soup or sandwich club or try a theme. Whether it’s weekly or monthly, lunch clubs are a fun way to share healthy meals with coworkers. Check out Cookspiration for recipe ideas.
    5. Don’t let workplace stress eat away at you. Studies have shown that stress can cause an increase or decrease in appetite. Focus on healthy ways to manage stress, like getting enough sleep and exercise and limiting caffeine and alcohol.