Stand Up and Stand Out in Your Business

In this age of instant information, social media and incredible connectivity, if you’re not different – you’re dead. People have more information about you, your product and your competitors than ever before in history.

What are they looking for?

Very simply they want a reason WHY they should do business with you instead of anybody else. There’s so much ‘noise’ from companies vying for their attention, consumers have become very adept at tuning it out.

Case in Point: Garage Sale Signs

The good weather has them showing up everywhere like pop up ads on street intersections every weekend in our neighbourhoods. Unless we’re one of those avid weekend warriors who live to discover a forgotten antique, most of us don’t pay any attention to them but on my way home from a client’s strategy session; this one caught my eye . . .

“Two Cool Dudes Cool Stuff” Garage Sale

No fancy graphics, just big, bold hand-written letters. It piqued my curiosity and even though I was in a business suit and heels, I followed the sign to see what a ‘cool dude’s’ stuff looked like.

It pretty much looked the same as the other garage sales I’ve been to; furniture, boxes of records (you remember those!) books, etc. with one exception – there were LOTS of people at this one! So what made their garage sale different?

Simple – they stood out from the ‘noise’ of the other signs. They didn’t use the standard signs that everyone else used. They combined emotion and a bit of psychology 101. After all, who wouldn’t want stuff that is “cool” and belonged to a “dude”?

Bored People Don’t Buy

Are you doing what everyone in your industry is doing? Does your newsletter look the same as your competitor’s? Is your website starting to look the same as your closest rival? I know the old saying is “Imitation is the sincerest from of flattery” but can you say boring?

Bored people rarely buy and they also don’t run out and tell their friends and family about how much they enjoyed being bored by you.

Here’s the business lesson. (you knew it was coming)

Fact: Many companies sell exactly the same thing.

While some companies thrive, others go out of business. What makes the difference?

Complete these following statements for YOUR business:

“What sets us apart from our competition is ________.”
“What makes us different from everyone else is _______.”
“The advantage we have over our competition is _______.”
“What you get from us, that no one else offers is _______.”

If you are struggling to complete these four statements, it’s time to reassess your sales strategy.