Small Business BC Hosts Glo Apparel Popup

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Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Glo Apparel for a popup store at our Downtown Vancouver office. This up and coming clothing business is run by dynamic mother and daughter duo, Marie Meeks and Alison Verrier. Their line of fashion-forward work uniforms has earned them a loyal following and stellar reputation among customers in BC and further afield.

Trying a Different Approach

Glo Apparel has been in business since 2005, operating as a mostly mail-order concern from Marie’s house in Maple Ridge. For years, trade shows have formed a huge part of their marketing effort. It enabled them to interact directly with customers and make sales. However, the cost of attending and work needed post-event to satisfy orders made the duo consider different options. They decided to try a different approach.

“This was our first time ever doing a popup,” said Alison.

“We have historically attended trade shows, attending one in the Okanagan and one here in Vancouver religiously over the last decade. This year, we decided to go in a bit of a different direction. We heard Small Business BC offered room rentals and the rate was a lot more reasonable than what we’d pay at the trade show. We thought ‘why not’ and gave it a try.

“The location here at Waterfront Station makes us really accessible to potential customers. To help promote the popup we used our Facebook page, posted it to our website and we even handed out flyers to spread the word.”

Spreading the Word

In an era where websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor have empowered customers to share their experiences, word of mouth is more important than ever before. Glo Apparel places great faith in customer referrals as a marketing vehicle and their approach is resonating in a crowded marketplace.

“Some of our customers are from our very first trade show over 10 years ago,” Marie explained.

“They order from us every year and that’s the market we operate in. Loyalty is huge in our business as long as your product is high quality.”

Alison continues: “Our marketing revolves around word of mouth. We don’t do a lot of what you could describe as conventional marketing. We’ve been doing this long enough to realize our customers have been our biggest champions and biggest source of new clients.

“We’ve learned to really focus on customer service and we take great pride in keeping our customers happy. As a result, we see great loyalty from clients. We feel confident they’re out there saying good things about us and our product is strong enough to keep them coming back.”

Striking a Balance

Like many entrepreneurs, Alison and Marie grapple with the time demands of running a business. Alison is a full-time mom, and Marie takes on a heavier load when times are busy. Over the years, the pair have learned to make it work while retaining their passion for the business:

“The two of us do just about everything for the business, so balancing work and life is always top of mind for us,” Alison says.

“We’re trying to find a good, steady balance, which is why we wanted to try the pop-up format this time around. We’re just trying to balance it all while staying passionate about the business. If we bring new colours in or brainstorm on a new style, that passion really helps keep us going. Our customers are so good at giving us really positive feedback. We’re really lucky to have them and we always welcome their input! People are so passionate about it and so kind. It creates a warmth around our brand that we feed off.”

Find Out More

Interesting in following in the footsteps of Glo Apparel? Small Business BC offers room rentals that cater to most sizing needs and budgets. Contact our Education Centre team today at 604-775-5086 to find out more about our availability and pricing. Alternatively, visit our dedicated Room Rental page to find out more.