How the Small Business BC Awards Can Help Your Business

We get it. The life of an entrepreneur is a busy one, and it can be tough to justify filling out applications and going through an awards process. However, if you want to grow your small business, the Small Business BC Awards provide the publicity and credibility needed to help you climb the mountain.

You might think awards competitions like this are set up to laud established businesses with a track record of success, but our 10 categories cover the entire spectrum of small business. As long as you can quantify what you have done for your business, how you have done it, and how many people you have reached, any award is yours to win. Does your company fit the bill in any of the following categories?

If so, nominating your business can provide amazing benefits you might not have considered. Below, we look at five ways the Small Business BC Awards can be a powerful tool to help your business.

Community Impact

Last year, Penticton-based wine food company Winecrush won the Small Business BC Award for Best Concept. Since then, the company has enjoyed a meteoric rise, with their products gracing the shelves of retail giants like Whole Foods and Save On Foods. According to Co-Founder Tyson Still, their win didn’t just raise the profile of Winecrush, it helped their entire community:

“The Small Business BC Award we won last year didn’t just help Winecrush get exposure to local wineries and retail stores, it brought an energy to the food industry in Penticton, taking it to the next level,” he said.

Educational Opportunities

Did You Know: Small Business BC hosts approximately 30 seminars a month on a variety of topics, covering everything from Mastering Social Media For Your Business to Doing Business With The Government of Canada. We also host regular Talk to an Expert sessions with industry insiders, who provide practical advice during one-on-one consultations. As a Small Business BC Award winner, you would be entitled to a one year, all-access pass to our education services. Even if you don’t win, all finalists receive valuable business education and support throughout the competition. The farther you get, the more your business benefits!


Sometimes it’s nice to be recognized for the hard work you put in to your business. At their core, the Small Business BC Awards exist to validate the efforts of the hard-working entrepreneurs that make B.C. such an amazing place to live, work, and play. We want to celebrate your achievements, and give you a platform for further success. Even if you don’t win, an award nomination can still provide a powerful motivating factor. Just ask 2017 nominee and recent successful Dragon’s Den participant James Flawith, Founder of Lil Worker Safety Gear.

“I was nominated for a Small Business BC Award last year and I had a great time going through the different phases of the awards contest,” James said.

“I made it all the way to the finals, learning a lot about myself and my company along the way. Events like the Small Business BC Awards push entrepreneurs to improve. And, even though I didn’t win, just participating really opened my eyes to what’s possible if you work hard and persist.”


The Small Business BC Awards are the largest awards of their type in the province. Being named a finalist or a winner, when your competitor isn’t, could provide the motivating factor for a customer to do business with you.

Tyson Still, Co-Founder of Winecrush, describes the effect of winning a Small Business BC Award on his company:

“Having the SBBC ‘Best Concept’ banner on all our marketing was huge for Winecrush,” he said.

“It really gets the conversation going deeper with clients and customers, and people took us much more seriously after winning, especially as our concept had never been done before. The success we’ve had as a result is clear.”

Added Exposure

One of the biggest benefits of nominating your business for a Small Business BC Award is the added exposure it brings. All votes are normalized against British Columbia Regional District Population Figures, making sure everyone, no matter how small their community, has an equal chance to win. Previous year’s nominees have received amazing media attention, popping up in outlets as diverse as The Vancouver Sun, BC Business, Prince George Citizen, and Whistler Pique News. You’ll also be featured right here on the Small Business BC website!