Secrets. Of a Successful Small Business Brand.

It's no secret. Marketing is tricky.

Even though your business may be small, it is nonetheless a brand. Your brand is the ambassador of your business thus carrying a hefty responsibility in representing your business. That being said, the more brilliant your brand, the more your business will bounce through the sea of sameness – bounding your business ahead as a leader in your industry.

To start unravelling the mystery of marketing, evaluate your brand objectively. Jump over to the other side of the fence and view your business from another point of view (your target). Be honest. Would you be interested? 

The first, and most crucial, step to attract business, is crafting a magnetic, memorable brand. Once your brand clearly, and distinctly, communicates your business, you are poised and prepared to focus on launching marketing strategies.

Tap Into Emotion

Trusted brands cultivate relationships through experiences that trigger emotional responses – meaning your brand should appeal to human senses by identifying and engaging your target market. Brands are designed to influence feelings; those feelings translate into buying behaviour. Passion for your brand creates action to buy and buy again. 

A loyal customer is typically a happy customer. They will repeat their patronage as your business provides a product/service that elicits emotions they crave. People typically buy what they want, not what they need based on how a brand makes them feel or who it makes them become.

Be Unique

In an era ruled by brands, image is everything. Consider this: visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by your brain than text – which translates into the necessity of designing a logo that defines, and differentiates, your business. But, keep it simple. Clutter and confusion do not serve your brand well. With the multitude of brand choices, copying the competition requires more resources, and marketing money, to garner attention.

Appropriate, professional branding is crucial for longevity. Why? Branding encompasses more than a logo and tagline. Your brand permeates your business culture both internally and externally. In business, the goal is to out sell your competition. Thus, your brand should be a source of pride and exude prowess. 

Tell Your Story

There is no business quite like yours. Your marketing challenge – how to run with what makes your small business special. Capture and convey your business story, via your brand, by adding presence and personality.

Story telling with your brand is ultra easy. Modern marketing has become so social, it is ostensibly a popularity contest. With a myriad of digital channels of brand chatter, it's the consumer conversation that counts. Tell your brand story consistently, to rise a cut above the competition by giving people something to talk about.

If you have staff, they are a valuable resource to promote your brand. Encourage a cohesive, united team by involving and engaging your in-house brand advocates with the ubiquity of social media at everyone's fingertips. 

Plan Your Brand

Constructing a solid brand plan is imperative to guide and direct your small business. At times, your business may encounter unforeseen detours to avert; however, ensuring your brand remains strong, and adaptable to economic conditions, will foster sustainability for future success.

Carefully and vigilantly manage your brand. With the speed and transparency of social media, any blips in your brand can be remedied quickly with opening up an opportunity to realign your brand values and mandate. 

Promise & Deliver

Consistency is key. Be reliable to establish strong, long lasting connections. Demonstrate small business leadership by continually creating awareness in marketing the value and benefits of your brand by polishing the perception of quality by building authentic connections with your target audience.
A proactive brand is a successful brand. Create quality, value, trust. The most powerful, respected brands radiate courage, character and conviction. Give people a reason to believe in your brand – for now and for future growth and prosperity.