SBBC Partners with the Black Business Association of BC for Education and Training

Small Business BC has partnered with the Black Business Association of BC (BBABC) to provide barrier free access to education and advisory services for Black entrepreneurs and businesses.

As part of the Black Entrepreneurship Program’s National Ecosystem Fund, BBABC members can access SBBC’s comprehensive slate of business and skills development training, alongside our one-on-one advisory services. These programs are designed to meet the individualized needs of each entrepreneur, maximizing their impact and the success of their business.

How it Works

Interested parties should first register on the BBABC website. Once approved, they will receive a unique code from BBABC that enables them to register for free SBBC webinars and educational services through our website. Live webinar and on-demand course access runs from September 27, 2021 to March 31, 2022.


“We are privileged to work with Nerissa Allen and the BBABC,” said Tom Conway, CEO for Small Business BC. “SBBC provides entrepreneurs with resources and skills that fuel innovation, sustainability, and economic growth while striving to create an open, accessible, inclusive, and equitable environment in which every British Columbian has the opportunity to flourish.”

“SBBC has been an ally to the BBABC and the Black business community, this partnership is yet another creative and strategically implemented program where our two organizations have worked together to directly address and remove barriers faced by Black entrepreneurs”, says Nerissa Allen, President of the BBABC.

About the Black Business Association of BC

Co-Founded by Nerissa Allen and Clavia Alleyne, the BBABC provides tangible operational support to Black entrepreneurs and small businesses. Programs designed to engage and inspire new interest I entrepreneurship. As we emerge from the pandemic it is imperative, we continue to look for ways to support the business community through skills development, increased market access, and sustainability practices.

Apply Now

Interested in accessing barrier free education? If you’re a Black business owner, or entrepreneur, simply visit the BBABC website and complete their intake form to start the process.

Learn More

Small Business BC and the Black Business Association of BC have also partnered on a dedicated range of resources and supports for Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Discover what resources are available to you, find inspiration and practical tips to succeed.