Save Electricity and Money with the Power Smart Small Business Energy Challenge

Want to improve the competitive advantage of your business? Enter the Power Smart Small Business Energy Challenge!

Between February 18 and March 8, 2013, qualifying businesses in the Lower Mainland can enter for a chance to be one of the two Power Smart energy challengers.

Coaching Plus Financial Support

If selected, your business will go head-to-head with another Lower Mainland business to see who can have the largest percentage reduction in electricity. The company with the biggest reduction wins.

The two businesses will compete during July and August. During that time, they’ll work with an energy advisor who will provide bi-weekly coaching on reducing energy use. They’ll also receive financial support from BC Hydro to make the most effective energy-efficiency upgrades for their needs.

“The advisors will focus each visit on improving a particular area of the business, such as managing office equipment or shifting behaviours,” says Reid Arkinstall, Marketing Product Development Specialist at BC Hydro. “In addition to helping the businesses identify the changes that will deliver the most energy savings, they can also advise on other factors. For example, if it’s a retail location, they can help determine equipment upgrades that provide the best ambience.”

Save Money, Get Recognized

In addition the energy efficiency coaching and financial support, both the winner and the runner-up will receive recognition for their efforts in local newspapers and/or business trade publications, and through BC Hydro’s networks. The winner will also be honoured at a celebratory event, where they can invite their customers and community.

Inspired by Previous Success

“We know business owners are busy, and are usually juggling multiple priorities,” says Arkinstall. “So this is a new approach to letting them know how energy efficiency can offer a competitive advantage, and how to access incentives and other resources available to them.”

The contest was inspired by the success of the 2011 residential Power Smart Energy Challenge, which pitted two families against each other. “During the challenge both of them cut their energy use by more than 80%,” says Arkinstall. “We’re not expecting those kind of staggering results but we’re optimistic the two competing businesses can seriously reduce their energy consumption.”

Enter Today

To enter please visit between February 18 and March 8, 2013.