Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

Unprecedented times. The new normal. These are some of the phrases that we have all become familiar with over the past year, and with them come feelings of uncertainty, isolation, and stress. Trying to navigate working from home, new school policies, lost income, and staying healthy, all while being unable to socialize and see our support systems can have huge consequences for our mental health.

Mental fitness, social connections, and physical health all affect our mental wellness; if any of these are not being met it can lead to negativity and depression, which in turn can lead to lost productivity and increased absenteeism. Many organizations were already starting to incorporate mental wellness programs before we had even heard of Covid-19, but a healthy workplace has never been more important than it is now. Cost is often a huge barrier for people in looking to improve their mental health, and a benefits plan can be a great way to provide employees with these resources.

Mental Health Supports are Available

In addition to what is available under many of the extended health options, Chambers Plan has built up a robust program of mental wellness supports. The Arrive® EAP benefit, managed by Arete® HR Inc., is a confidential resource that gives employees access to qualified experts who can help them deal with situations affecting their mental health and emotional wellness. When your employee takes advantage of their EAP, an intake specialist will ask them some basic questions and help find the best resource for them. If counselling sessions are deemed to be the answer, they will search their professional network database to find the best fit, and then connect the employee to make an appointment at their convenience. Chambers Plan’s EAP can also help with legal concerns, finances, childcare, and nutrition.

Hugr Authentic Connections, a mental wellness app that is available on the App Store or Google Play is designed to help people feel connected. Users are prompted to check in daily to help measure their level of social connection, and regularly share how they’re feeling with those closest to them. The premium version of the app, which is available to Chambers Plan members at no cost, helps users to develop skills to identify and close gaps in their social connections through Internet-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. By doing this over a period of time, trends in social connections can be tracked, as well as personal experiences at work, and feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anxiety.

Find Out More

Today’s economic and health conditions make these essential tools for any small business; go to and speak with a local advisor today to learn how your benefits plan can help the well-being of your employees and their families.