Optimizing Small Business Technology Strategies to Level-Up Your Business

For the past 20 years, technological development has been racing forwards, building amazing user experiences and changing the landscape of business. Being an entrepreneur or small business owner means being at the heart of these changes.

Learning how to leverage cutting-edge technology is key to crafting winning digital products and delivering specialized professional services, and creating high-performing teams to help your business level-up

Get the competitive advantage. Use these recommendations to leverage small business technology so you can differentiate, optimize user experience and level-up your business.

Differentiating with Small Business Technology

Technology can play a key role in differentiating your business and gaining a competitive advantage, no matter what industry you are in. From using cloud computing for cost-effective business operations to optimizing social media marketing to engage your target audience, it is incredibly difficult to get ahead without integrating technology fundamentally in your business.

Even when I talk to executives from industries that are historically slow in adopting new technology, such as healthcare, financial services or government, they acknowledge that they have to adapt – or they risk becoming irrelevant.

However, it’s important to use technology strategically to set yourself apart from your competitors. Business owners can assign someone specializing in technology who will drive and build a digital strategy that is aligned with the business’ offering and end goals, from creating an agile culture that promotes speed and fast delivery to using fast learning to gain feedback to validate market fit.

Optimizing Modern User Experience

Collect Digital Data to Redefine Your Customers

Today, technology is essential to knowing who is your customers are, and how your customers will evolve over time. Rather than taking a “one-size fits all” approach or using slow methods like mail-out surveys to identify your target audience, collect customer information using methods like online surveys and use automated software to sort through data. This will accurately pinpoint what customer segments you should focus your efforts on.

Once your target audience has been established, take advantage of your customer database to learn about your users. Build trust by personalizing your approach to fit their likes and needs, and make your products and services relevant to their lives and remove friction that may sway them away from your business.

There are many technologies to help a business owner collect data and make better decisions. Regardless of the technology chosen, the successful business owner will often be the one who best matches the products and services they offer with the needs of their customers.

Leverage Insights to Craft the Customer Journey

The retail industry is a great example of how to take advantage of data to personalize user experience. An ideal app for a retailer could create a seamless user experience that could convert customers and make them come back for more.

The best retail apps have four goals:

  1. Awareness: Beacon technology in the app informs the customer that they are in the presence of one of the retailer’s locations.
  2. Interest: Because the retailer already has identified its target market using data collection, the app can provide personalized and relevant content. This makes customers want to come into the store.
  3. Desire: Advanced apps can enrich the in-store user experience, making the shopping experience better for the customer, and making them more likely to to buy.
  4. Action: The customer decides to make the purchase, and can use the app to buy it now or have it shipped home. Alternatively, the customer may save the item for a future purchase.

Digitally Transform Your Business

Technology is an extremely powerful tool that can stimulate growth, change user experience and alter the very way you do business. Use technology to transform your business, and you will find yourself on the cutting-edge, differentiating yourself from your competitors and driving your business forwards to create meaningful change.

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