New Technology That Can Help Your Office Go Mobile

The following product review was completed by Mark Eversfield, a specialist in Market Research at Small Business BC.

Tools to help your business get online from wherever you go are not a new idea, so what’s so different about Telus’ new portable device, the Smart Hub? And how can it benefit your small business?

TelusSmartHubThe first of its kind, the Smart Hub enables you to use your WiFi devices and a desk phone from any place there’s a power outlet.  The device connects to the internet through Telus’ 4G network, instead of a cable, and allows you to connect up to 15 users at the same time.

Easy to set up
A great portable device for small businesses on the go, you can pack up your office in your bag then set it up again in minutes for presentations, trade shows, and job sites.  The most difficult part of setting up the Smart Hub is untying the twist ties.

To set up the device you simply connect the antenna, place the SIM card in the hub, connect the power, and turn on your WiFi device.  Next, you’ll be asked to enter the password to connect to the Smart Hub and follow the step-by-step wizard to secure your connection. That’s it. You are connected to the internet.

Bandwidth and Functionality
I decided to test the bandwidth capability of the Smart Hub by watching some hockey videos on YouTube. I found the resolution to be HD-like in its quality. Full marks for the bandwidth.

The Smart Hub can also connect any desk or speaker phone, operating just like a landline. I used the phone to call a friend; they couldn’t tell the difference.

Enabling multiple users to share data across a network as well as connect to the internet, will mean that you and your coworkers can connect anywhere your business needs to go.

Have Smart Hub, and your office will travel.