BC Wildfires Edition: Free Ask an Accountant or Ask a Lawyer

Do you need legal or accounting advice because your small business has been affected by the BC Wildfires? The Province of British Columbia and Small Business BC are offering FREE specialized service support to businesses in British Columbia affected by the 2017 Wildfires. There will be two specialized services. Special […]

BC Wildfire Resources For Small Business

Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the wildfires across British Columbia. During this difficult time, there are several resources available to business owners to help with managing the day-to-day situation, as well as planning for the rebuild. Below, we detail answers to some of the most common questions […]

Restaurant Regulations Made Easy In BC

This guide has been created by the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association, in partnership with the Province of BC, to help you understand the government relations that apply to the food service industry in BC. In this guide: Information on all regulations for the industry Plain language explanations for the […]

Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Small Business

Hiring a lawyer is not always a necessity. However, at some point in your journey of being a small business owner, it is likely that you’ll need to seek legal advice.

What Do I Need to Know About Human Rights Discrimination?

While most B.C. employers are aware that they have a legal duty to provide a discrimination-free work environment for their employees, many employers may not have a full appreciation of what that means in practice. Navigating competing rights and obligations can be complicated. Even the best intentioned employer can find […]

New and Young Workers: They’re Worth Your Attention

Many small businesses are built around the expertise of key individuals who play a crucial role in the success of your business. Often, these talented individuals are younger than 25 — a group WorkSafeBC refers to as young workers. Now imagine if one of these workers was injured at work […]

Do I Have to Be Canadian to Start a Business in B.C.?

If you’re wondering whether you can start a business in British Columbia if you’re not Canadian, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to sort through government regulations to find the answer to this frequently asked question. But it’s essential you know what you can and cannot do when it […]

What Employers Should Know About Working Notice

In Canada, with few exceptions, an employer must give an employee notice or payment in lieu of notice if the employer wishes to terminate the employment relationship, without cause. When an employer gives notice, it is generally in the nature of “working notice,” i.e. the employee is required to work […]