Introducing the New and Improved Small Business BC Website

It’s a big day here at the Small Business BC office as we finally unveil our new and improved website. This project is the culmination of years of planning and hard work that touched upon most of our staff and we couldn’t be more appreciative of their efforts.

With a new look and plenty of increased functionality (more on that later), we hope our new website will help you to quickly and efficiently access the tools and resources you need to start or grow your small business. While our new site is up and live, we’re still in what we consider a “soft launch” phase. Please feel free to click on the feedback button to the right and let us know if you run into any issues while navigating the site.

Working with Local Small Businesses

Once the need for a new website was established, Small Business BC turned to local small businesses to develop the technical side of the site, alongside improving the look and feel. Our expert web developer, Studio Tuman, worked in partnership with our team to create a robust technical solution that allows us to efficiently deliver our services to clients, while future-proofing us for exciting new services in the months to come.

Local web design firm Red Five Creative helped to redefine our look, modernizing our site to reflect best practices in web design. We’re huge fans of our new logo they designed:

Small Business BC Website New Features

  • Account System: It’s nice to visit a website and have your details saved, right? We’re happy to introduce our new account system which enables our clients to save their payment information, bookmark resources, and education they’re interested in taking.
  • Store Credits: Alongside our new account system, we now can offer store credits. These can be viewed under your account details.
  • Improved Look and Performance: Our website was beginning to show its age. Our redesign offers a more functional and visually appealing look for our site visitors. It’s also faster too!
  • Online Library: If you’ve visited the Small Business BC office, you’ll have seen our library of books for sale. We’re delighted to now offer these books for sale online, making it easier than ever before for clients to find the business books they need to succeed.
  • Improved Checkout: We received regular feedback from clients about their inability to purchase multiple products in one transaction. We’re pleased to announce this has now been resolved and all SBBC products can now be purchased in a single transaction.
  • Enhanced Navigation and Search: Our new site makes it easier than ever to find our services. We’ve simplified our menu system to place our most popular services and web pages to the fore. Not able to find what you’re looking for? Our enhanced search bar is there to help!
  • Mobile-Friendly: As an ever-increasing number of clients view our site on mobile and tablets, we’ve optimized the site for these smaller displays.
  • Community First: British Columbia’s entrepreneurial community is strong. Our community section pulls together knowledge, inspiration and resources to help our community to grow.
  • Products/Services Page Redesigned: It’s now easier than ever to see the key features and takeaways of our educational products and services.

What Do You Think?

We redesigned our website with our clients in mind. Let us know your feedback by clicking the feedback button to the right of your screen. What additional features would you like to see? Anything not working as it should? You can also email us your thoughts, or tweet us to let us know.