Introducing Your Best Concept Award Top 10 Semi-Finalists

The Best Concept Award salutes new exciting, creative and innovative businesses (and business ideas) in British Columbia. This is our only award that doesn’t require entrepreneurs to be in business yet; they just need to demonstrate their awesome, viable idea that’s going to make a huge impact. The award is judged on the following criteria:

  • Viable, Creative Concept: This business concept describes the business, its product, the market it serves, and the business’ competitive advantage.
  • Strategy for Growth: The plan that will take the business beyond merely a concept or start-up to the next level with a strong implementation/growth strategy.

WineCrush (pictured above) and their innovative approach to wine products clinched the award last year, but who will take the prize in 2018? Here are your potential candidates, the Best Concept Award top 10 Semi-Finalists:

Barnacle Systems

Location: Victoria

Barnacle Systems aim to help people who experience “boater’s anxiety” with their product that monitors the health of their boat whether they’re at the dock, at home, or half way around the world. If you’re familiar with the concept of a “smart home”, Barnacle Systems’ product works in much the same way, except on the water.

Boardwalk Café & Games

Location: Abbotsford

Featuring the best table-top games alongside handcrafted sandwiches, specialty coffees, local food and treats, Boardwalk Café & Games is an exciting new addition to Downtown Abbotsford. The café is located within the city’s first department store, Gosling’s, in the Bishop Centre.

Coast Cricket Protein

Location: Vancouver

Coast Cricket Protein has taken a nutrition-packed food that hasn’t traditionally found popularity in Western culture – crickets – and used them to produce a premium brand of cricket protein bars. The product has positive environmental and health impacts, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint on the planet than other protein sources. Compared to cows, crickets produce 100 times less greenhouse gases for the same amount of protein.

E’Klektik Trading

Location: Prince Rupert

E’Klektik Trading has brought a little flair to their Downtown Prince Rupert location thanks to an “e’klektik” range of products and in-house art gallery. If you’re looking for antiques, handmade crafts, artisan candies, or even tools, this is the store for you.

Focus Ability WorkAble Solutions

Location: Salmon Arm

WorkAble Solutions matches employers with potential employees who have autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and other cognitive disorders. By doing this, the organization provides jobs and creates awareness about the talent pool available to employers that is filled individuals with diverse cognitive abilities.


Location: Vancouver

PayPie brings trust and transparency to the financial markets by introducing the world’s first credit risk assessment based on blockchain accounting. It provides a faster, safer, and smart contract-powered credit scoring and lending platform for lenders, borrowers, banks, and invoice factoring companies.

Sea to Sky Removal

Location: Squamish

The construction industry is a huge creator of waste materials and refuse. Sea to Sky Removal is on a mission to change this wastefulness by providing affordable and environmentally-conscious alternatives.

Studiostone Creative

Location: Vancouver

Studiostone Creative is an artist driven company that specializes in hands-on learning and introducing people to the art of stone carving. Their stone carving kits are suitable for all ages, with their tools customized to ensure they are safe for both children and adults.


Location: Vancouver

A company entrenched in the concept of the “future of work” and the potential applications of technology, SkyHive is the world’s first talent marketplace to use machine learning to inventory the skills of its users, and match them with earning opportunities.


Location: Vancouver

Promising healthy frozen treats that don’t skimp on taste, Tubify’s range of “Freezies” feature ethically-sourced, organic, real food. This dedication to natural ingredients ensures each small batch is just that little bit unique.