How to Finance Your Creative Business

Designers, artists, artisans and performers are vital to the sustainability of a healthy community. Yet, they sometimes struggle to secure the finance they need to get their business off the ground. Vancity’s By Design microloan simplifies this process, making it easier to finance your creative business.

Finance Your Creative Business With a By Design Loan

Vancity’s By Design Loan provides up to $75,000 in finance for creative businesses to get off the ground. Unlike traditional loans that are based off business history and collateral, heavy emphasis is placed on the character of the applicant, their vision for the future, and the strength of their business plan.

To be considered eligible for a By Design microloan, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Starting, expanding or operating a creative or design-focused business
  • Be operating in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Greater Victoria or the Sea-to-Sky Corridor
  • Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Have at least one business owner with training or experience in art or design
  • One business owner with training or experience in art or design
  • At least one business owner enrolled in or recently graduated from a self-employment or pre-entrepreneurial program, or an arts production and marketing program or
  • Have your business plan reviewed by a business advisor here at Small Business BC

Key Benefits

The By Design Loan features a number of advantages over other types of small business microloans.

Easy to Qualify

Businesses can qualify at the start-up phase before revenue begins coming in, all based on the strength of your character and your business idea.

Credit History

It’s possible to qualify for the By Design loan without a strong credit history.

Flexible Terms

The funds can be drawn down as a line of credit and/or a term loan, it’s your choice.

Start-up Friendly

Pay no administration fees.

On-going Support

Gain access to Vancity’s business expertise and financial literacy support.

Find Out More

To get started on applying for the By Design microloan, visit the Vancity website, or download the application form.