How to Research New Regulations When Expanding Your Business

As you grow your business and expand into new territory, you’ll need to be aware of and comply with any new or additional regulations. Here are a list of resources to check to make sure you’re not missing anything:

Search BizPal BC

If you expand into new lines of business, search for your new industry or business at BC BizPal to see what regulations might apply.

Contact City Hall

If you set up a new location in a different municipality, be sure to check with the local city hall regarding any applicable licenses, bylaws, and permits required. If you have a mobile business, enquire about a mobile business license that covers multiple municipalities. If you are expanding into new lines of business, check with your local city hall to see if you need any additional permits or licences.

Research Labour Requirements

If you are incorporating or hiring employees, you should contact WorkSafeBCCanada Revenue Agency, and the Employment Standards Branch to find out what your obligations are as an employer, and to register your business.

Do Further Research

Contact industry associations to see if there are any industry-specific regulations, either existing or pending, that may be applicable to your growing business.