How to Manage Your Employees as Your Business Grows

Assessing Your HR Needs

As your business grows, you’ll find that you cannot do everything on your own—or even with an employee or two.

Before making the critical decision to add staff, take a close look at what products and services you’re providing, and how you’re providing them. You can find additional resources by:

  • Reviewing your work processes (Is a task or project critical? Are you trying to be all things to all markets?)
  • Working with contract freelancers for short-term and/or skill-specific requirements
  • Hiring temporary worker(s)

Reviewing Your HR Plan

It’s important that as your business grows, you review and update your human resources plan accordingly.

Human resources are a substantial investment for most companies, and it’s critical to your business’s success that you have the right number of employees with the right mix of skills, ability, and drive.

As you add new employees to the team, you need to ensure not only a good fit with your business, but also with your existing staff. You also need to ensure that you retain and motivate all of your employees, both existing and new. See our Human Resources-Starting section for tips on how to find the best employee(s) for your business.

Hiring an HR Manager

As your staff grows, you’ll need to spend more time managing employees from day to day, including monitoring performance, motivating them, and providing overall direction.

Many entrepreneurs find that this task becomes more challenging as their business grows; managing people becomes a full-time position in itself. It’s at that point that you’ll need to create and fill that position, instead of continuing to take on the role yourself.