How to Create Business Cards that Leave a Lasting Impression

First impressions matter in business, and your business cards will leave an important lasting memory after you’ve met someone. While it may be easy to brush of your business cards as an afterthought, your card will say a lot more about your brand to the person receiving it than you may realize. 

What’s more, in order to stand out amongst the endless stream of business cards everyone receives, yours will need to be unique.

The good news is that there are plenty of options available now for you to create a unique and memorable business card – and there’s no general “right” way to do it. The key to creating the right card for you is to determine what combination of design and printing options will best represent your business and its brand. 

Consider Industry Standards

While options abound for designing and printing your business cards, you’ll want to first consider if there are any industry standards you want to adhere to (or alternatively, stand out against). 

Even if there are no specific standards to consider for your industry, it’s always important to see what kind of business cards your competitors are handing out. Ultimately, you want your business card to stand out, but still make it clear what industry you work in and what kind of work you do.

Invest in Design

If you are just starting out and need assistance creating the visual identity for your business’ brand, then remember, you get what you pay for. With a limited budget you may consider seeking out a junior freelance designer, but be sure to review their portfolio first.

You may also save on design costs by opting for a classic text-based design for your cards, rather than an elaborate graphic treatment. A thoughtfully-selected typeface can say as much about your brand as a graphic-based logo. Text-based designs are also perfect for letterpress or embossing business cards, which will definitely feel different from the other business cards in your client’s wallet. 

Give Printing Equal Weigh as Design

How you print your cards is just as important as how they’re designed. You business cards may look beautiful when you view digital versions of them on your computer, but skimping on the print the job will ultimately take away from their overall impact.

From letterpress, to embossing, to inexpensive digital full-colour printing, you have plenty of options for you how translate your business card design onto paper in a way that best suits your brand.

And your options for what kind of paper you print your business cards are nearly limitless too. One of the biggest trends in business card printing right now is the use of recycled paper, which makes a clear statement to clients who appreciate eco-friendly options. You’re also not limited to printing on typical white paper either – printing cards on natural kraft brown stock, cotton stock or bamboo stock is a great way to stand out from your competition without the need for pricey design.

It’s About What’s Right for Your Brand

With so many printing and design options available today, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research before your produce your business cards. Doing a small amount of upfront work and making an investment in design and printing will ensure that your cards make a lasting impression on your clients.

And remember, there’s no “wrong way” to design a business card if it’s the best way to represent your business’ brand.