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Hear from Gerry Egan (Harbour Air) at INSPIRE

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On October 1 at Science World, Gerry Egan, Harbour Air’s VP of Maintenance Operations will form part of our panel discussion on business’ leadership role in climate action. Ahead of his appearance, we spoke to Gerry about sustainability and how Harbour Air are making a difference.

Protecting Our Environment

Harbour Air holds a unique vantage point on the effects of climate change. Across 12 routes serving hubs like Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle, their planes soar over the pristine natural wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Protecting this delicate eco-system became an early priority, prompting the airline to become North America’s first fully carbon-neutral airline in 2007.

“In 2007, Harbour Air became the first airline in North America to become fully carbon-neutral. Working with a third-party organization to calculate and offset 100% of our corporate and aircraft emissions, we’re proud to say that it’s an accomplishment we’ve continued to this day,” Egan explains.

“Sustainability and innovation are incredibly important to Harbour Air. As a proudly BC-based airline these traits are both deeply embedded into our corporate culture.”

“We know that a huge part of our success is the beauty of the West Coast experience we offer; an experience that we want to protect and support for generations to come. It’s why we are so strongly committed to being an industry leader on sustainable initiatives.”

Flying into the Future

Earlier this year, Harbour Air’s efforts reached a historic milestone with the announcement of ambitious plans to transform their seaplane fleet into the world’s first all-electric commercial fleet.

The reasons for investing in this technology are clear. The aviation industry currently contributes 12 per cent of all carbon emissions in North America and 4.9 per cent globally. By modifying existing Harbour Air planes with innovative, all-electric engines they plan to blaze a trail toward a more sustainable airline industry.

“This past spring, we further demonstrated our commitment to sustainability with our announced partnership with magniX to transform Harbour Air seaplanes into the world’s first all-electric commercial fleet,” he said.

“We are currently in the process of converting one of our HC-2 de Havilland Beavers, a six-passenger commercial aircraft, and are on track to host the first fully electric commercial test flight before the end of 2019.

“Harbour Air will also introduce its first electric shuttle later this month.”

Customer-Led Sustainability

Whether it’s NADA, TOTA or Harbour Air, it’s clear from our INSPIRE interviews that sustainable offerings aren’t just a hit with the environment, they’re sought out by customers. According to Egan, modern day consumers are increasingly allocating money to supporting businesses that are thinking green:

“We’ve certainly noticed a heightened awareness and interest in sustainable travel and tourism options. Operating in the West Coast, I think there has always been an early adoption and support-for sustainable products and services. This interest and demand for sustainable products/services is something that we’re certainly seeing as a rising trend across the industry as well.

Hear from Gerry Egan of Harbour Air at INSPIRE

On October 1 at INSPIRE, Harbour Air’s Gerry Egan will form part of our esteemed panel on business’ role in climate action. He’ll discuss the steps being taken by Harbour Air and the importance of sustainability to their business.

“I’m looking forward to providing a firsthand perspective on the opportunities and challenges associated with the electrification of aviation.”

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