Have you Nominated Your Business for the Successful You Awards?

Have you heard? Small Business BC’s Successful You Awards Contest is happening right now! This is a fantastic opportunity to get exposure for your business and to access one-on-one expert business advice.

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Media Exposure – Past finalists have been featured on The Bill Good Show, Global BC, Forbes Magazine, The Globe and Mail and The Vancouver Sun…to name a few.
  • Credibility and prestige
  • 1 Year SBBC All Access Pass to seminars and Ask the Expert
  • Receive a dedicated page for your company on the Successful You Awards website.

There are six fantastic award categories, so every business is eligible, whether you’re still in the planning stages or have been around for ten years.

Go visit the Successful You Awards contest website and nominate your business today.

To help you get a head start on the competition we thought we would provide some helpful tips on how to make your nomination a winner.

  1. Be unique. We’re looking for nominations that stand out from the crowd. What will make your nomination different from everyone else’s? What will make people browse through the nominees and decide you’re worth their vote? Whether it’s your businesses mission, your own personal vision, or just something that will make people say “WOW!”… Be sure to include it.
  2. It’s about you AND your business. When writing your nomination tell us about you, the owner as well as the business itself. Tell us where you came from, why you chose to do what you do, how you came up with the concept and where you are now. Most importantly include details that are relevant to the award criteria.
  3. Don’t be too brief. If we wanted a short description of your business, we’d set a small word limit! Chances are, if you submit one short paragraph, cut and pasted from your ‘About Us’ section, people will not be able to relate to your nomination. Make sure you include enough information to ensure we have the full picture of you and your business.
  4. Don’t go on too long. While you need to give us enough information to know who you are, we don’t want to be bored. Only include what’s necessary for the application.
  5. Include facts and figures. Tangible facts that people can identify make it easier for people to remember you.
  6. Video is available, use it. While text applications are great, there’s nothing better to connect with your public voters than a video telling them why you are great or what you have been doing. Utilize the tools available to you.
  7. Show us the love. Do you have testimonials from clients? Have you been featured in the press? We want to know that others are interested in your business. But remember, we may ask to see more details later on.
  8. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Enter as soon as you can. Many people miss out on deadlines by putting things off until tomorrow. First stage nominations don’t take long to put together, and remember the earlier you nominate, the more opportunity you have to get votes!

Now go visit the Successful You Awards contest website and nominate your business.

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