Government Procurement: The Importance of Feedback

The government buys a wide range of products and services to support their programs and services. They source these suppliers through various forms of procurement opportunities, direct awards and corporate supply arrangements.

This means, if you want to do business with the Province, you’re limited to responding to opportunities solicited by them. There are no methods for businesses to advertise their goods and services to government proactively. This process means that the government isn’t always aware of what’s out there. They might not know about your innovative products and services.

How to Become Visible to the Government

So how do you make your business visible to the government?

As a business owner, it’s important to be a part of their current process and join the conversation. By engaging with government, working with them to develop new programs and giving feedback, you can help to improve the processes and create a system that’s beneficial to you as the supplier, as well as the Province.

Two Ways to Proactively Provide Feedback to the Government

One way to provide this feedback is by using BC Bid. In addition to finding contracting opportunities on BC Bid, you’ll also find opportunities to provide the Province information to help shape their programs and processes. An example of this is the Requests for Information (RFI) tool.  The RFI is used to get more information regarding what’s available in the market. Although you’re not obligated to respond to the RFI, and participating doesn’t mean that you will win a contract, it does allow you to give input about what your organization can offer and/or the development of procurement strategies that work best for you.

Sometimes the government will also hold focus groups and surveys in order to get feedback. For example, Shared Services BC is currently working to develop a program where businesses can bring their innovative products and services to government. Through engaging individuals and business owners across BC, they would like to hear how you can share information about your great ideas. If you have an innovative product or service that would be useful for a government department or you want to be a part of creating new programs and solutions for procurement, they invite you to become a part of the conversation. More information about these free sessions including registration links is available at the following website.

Your Opportunity to Learn More

As part of Small Business Month, Small Business BC is hosting an afternoon about government procurement. This FREE interactive session will give business owners and individuals the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on how businesses across BC can bring innovative goods and services to the Province. Attendees will also get the information and tools necessary to start doing business with government.

Sessions include:

  • Bring Your Innovative Goods and Services to the BC Government
  • How to do Business with the BC Government
  • Doing Business with the Government of Canada – Condensed