Goal Setting Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Whether it’s January 1st or June 1st if you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or not getting the results you want in your business (or in your life) it’s worthwhile revisiting the goals you set for the year ahead. January often brings lofty ambitions and expectations when our energies and motivation are running high, but did you really put the plans and structures in place to achieve what you set out to do and manifest your desires?

Entrepreneurs are fantastic at getting a lot of things done quickly, but in the rush of enthusiasm, often shy away from specific, impactful goals and targets. To help you move through this year powerfully and productively I’m sharing with you my favourite goal setting secrets.

1. Stop the Internal negotiations.

You know this is happening when you find yourself thinking of a goal, then immediately shrinking it down as fear and uncertainty creep in. Instead, map out just the next 2 or 3 steps forward and get moving. Action educates you. If it’s not working, assess, correct and move forward, but be unwavering in your commitment to see this through.

2. Set Annual, Quarterly and Even Monthly Income Targets – and Keep Track.

While it’s crucial to write down your one year income goal, it can seem unmanageable and even unattainable. Breaking it down into small chunks makes it completely do-able and gives you something realistic to work towards. Be sure to track your income at least weekly, and if you’re not hitting your targets reassess and move forward with new action steps.

3. Make One Goal Entirely Self-Improvement Focused.

This step is often overlooked in our quest to do more and have more. But I firmly believe that you don’t make the money, the money makes you. Businesses aren’t built in isolation; it’s really a personal and spiritual game, challenging you to break free of past habits and beliefs and ways of “being” in the world. Every year set a self-improvement goal that helps you breakthrough some of this old patterning and conditioning. Take a training course or workshop, invest in a mentor, or even commit to regularly reading specific blogs that are going to help you expand personally, create a new mindset and further your business growth.

4. Think Long Term and Short Term.

Focusing only on short term goals keeps you in a perpetual cycle of chasing “bright shiny objects” and also chasing cash. Focusing only on long term goals can create extended periods of little to no revenue while you wait for the big pay-off or recognition ahead. Balance your goals with immediate income and long term growth; profitability and recognition, wild success and personal satisfaction. This is a healthy diet for optimal business performance and personal well-being.

Goals are not meant to be task-masters or slave drivers. They’re not something we do to ourselves, but for ourselves. They should inspire you, light you up, stretch you and scare you just a tiny bit. But ultimately they are the gift we give ourselves that pulls us forward into the next expression of who we want to be.