Finding the Right Platform to Encourage Social Innovation in BC

In September, the BC Government and Vancity launched Hubcap, a new social innovation website that connects businesses, government and communities together to support social innovation projects in the province. The goal was to create a hub to share information and make connections with BC’s business community.

What is Social Innovation and Who Supports it in BC?

Social enterprises are innovative business models where the organization’s profits are used to achieve social, cultural and environmental outcomes. The social enterprise model gives traditional businesses the opportunity to create social value in their communities, and supports non-profit organizations to reduce their reliance on grants and donations.

It is a growing field of work that focuses on altering behaviours, perceptions and attitudes that create systemic social issues.

BC’s social innovation sector is spearheaded by the BC Partners for Social Impact, a network of over 100 business, non-profit and government leaders that emphasizes partnerships and collaboration to address social challenges.

What is Hubcap?

As a virtual tool, Hubcap spreads knowledge and information across the province, country and beyond; its value is rooted within local communities. The site’s interactive mapping tool allows social innovators to find out about projects, businesses and events happening in the communities where they live and work.

“Virtual connections are only part of the solution,” says Trish Sterloff, Executive Director of Innovative Partnerships at the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation. “People are really looking at mentorship and connection when they’re looking to grow their impact on the community, or making sure that they’re sustainable for the long-term.”

Launched only two months ago, Hubcap now has over 100 user profiles and 100 pieces of unique content. Its success relies on community input and participation.

Why Hubcap Was Created

Through Hubcap, the BC Partners for Social Impact hope to raise the profile of social innovation in BC, including awareness of the province’s growing social enterprise sector.

“We’re so lucky  to be operating in an eco-system that values collaboration and the desire to activate a shared vision,” says Lougheed Green, Manager of Community Investment at Vancity.  “These are the principles through which Hubcap was facilitated.”

Hubcap’s goal is to become the place for entrepreneurs, educators, funders and public policy makers to connect and find resources around social innovation in BC.

How to Join Hubcap

Joining Hubcap couldn’t be easier. Simply use your LinkedIn account or create a new username and password. Once in, you will be able to create a profile and promote your socially conscious business, as well as share articles, events, organizations and projects that would benefit the Hubcap community.

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