Enchanting your Customers

The Art of Marketing conference came to Vancouver, BC on June 9th bringing five of the most forefront experts in marketing to share their ideas and theory around marketing in 2011. This article is part of a series summarising the topics discussed on the day.

The day finished with Guy Kawasaki, one of Apple’s prime evangelists and author of Enchantment.  In line with his book, Kawasaki used his presentation to highlight the ten key steps to achieving enchantment – “the process of creating a deep and meaningful relationship with people”:

Start with a great smile; dress equally to who you are working with or selling too; and finish with the perfect handshake.

You must trust others before they trust you; and default to yes when people are asking for help.

Be ready 
Have a great product or service to provide something empowering and elegant; make your messaging short and swallowable; be prepared to objectively analyse the product or service.

Tell a human story and don’t use industry acronyms; plant many seeds; use relevant points for your audience that they can relate to and understand.

Overcome resistance
Provide social proof; focus on places who embrace your business and not on those who do not; enchant your influencers.

Don’t rely on money for you business; allow reciprocation if people want to thank you; build a trusted network of consultants, developers, resellers and user groups.

Learn how to present yourself to your audience; customize the introduction for your audience; adopt the art of a perfect presentation of 10 slides in 20 minutes in 30 point font.

Use Technology 
Remove the “speed bumps” like data capture; provide information of value; engage quickly, frequently and many times.

Enchant Your Boss 
Provide a demonstration to ask if your idea is what they are looking for; deliver bad news early and with a solution.

Enchant the People You Manage
Help them master their job, give them purpose and unity; empower them to act.